Dual blade guide~

This is a guide on the new class dual blade! This new insanely awesome class is an adventurer and uses two weapons at the same time. A blade and a dagger. He holds a blade in one hand and a dagger in the other. So when you press CTRL he hits two times without using MP. Since they are adventurer’s they have the hog, silver mane, and red Draco mounts and start at maple island.

pros and cons


-Uses two weapons

-doesn’t burn as much pots

-Has a shadow partner like skill, haste, flash jump and a savage blow that hits 8 times.

-They get cool equips such as: masks, blades, and martial robes.

-One of the fastest leveling jobs as far as I’ve seen.

-lots of hp

-fast training


-Gets mount at 70 like adventurers instead of 50 like legends.

-expensive and uses too much mp

-limited class.

-Low defense gets them killed easily


Now log-in and make a character as a dualer. You will be in maple island like a normal adventurer. You really should know how to do this unless you are new to the game. At level 2 you should get a light bulb above your head. It will be a shadowed figure. Talk to him/her and you will receive a white headband which can be equipped at level 3 and has better stats than a normal maple island headband.

He will then tell you to try to reach level 9 and give you 10 experience. Do the maple island quests in order until you reach level 9 and get to South Perry. Once you reach level 9 you’ll get another light bulb quest from the figure. He will reveal himself as Honga and grant you a pair of owl earrings and leave with one last message:   “By the way I’m in kerning city…” and give you 500 experience.

After completing Chief Lucas’s quest and getting the recommendation letter head to Victoria island for free.

That is Honga. I can’t tell if it’s a he or a she.

Skill builds

Buff build

Level 1-2: Nimble feet+2

Level 3-5: nimble+1, Recovery +2

Level 6: Recovery+1

Attacking build

Level 1: Three snails+1

Level 2-5: three snails+2, Recovery+2

Level 6: Recovery+1

I prefer the attacking build since nimble feet would get replaced by self-haste later quickly anyway.

Part 2= Elastic Rogue-tastic

Advance as a rogue and you’ll get 1 sp, and 4 skills: Nimble body, disorder, dark sight, and double stab. You’ll also get one beginner thief’s wrist guard and beginner thief’s knife and a few sets of stars. Dark lord will give you 2 quests. One to kill 20 stumps and one to find a man named Power B. Fore. Honga will give you many quests allowing you to level super fast to 20. Mainly you will need to take down the dark lord by the orders of seulhi.


Skill Build

They’re skills are the same as a normal rogues. Except they only have 4. Nimble body, dark sight, disorder, and double stab. All with the exact same stats.

With dual blade there are several builds you can do since you can use your skill points from first job and second job on any skills 1st and 2nd job.

Build 1: The stabbing build.

Level 10-11=Double stab+4

Level 12=Double stab+3 [7]

Level 13-15=Double stab+9[16]

Level 16=Double stab+3[19]

Level 17=Double stab+1[20 MAXED] Save other 2 points.

Level 18-20=Save the 11 points for 2nd job. Put 6 in triple and 5 in mastery.

Build 2: dark sight

Level 10-12:Double stab+10[10]

Level 13:Disorder+3[3]

Level 14:Dark sight+2, Double stab+1[11]

Level 15: Dark sight+3[5]

Level 16: Dark sight+3[8]

Level 17: Dark sight+3 [11]

Level 18: Dark sight+3 [14]

Level 19: Dark sight+3[17]

Level 20: Dark sight+3[20]

Build 3: Stab+dark=Good

Level 10: Double stab+1

Level 11: Disorder+3

Level 12-15: Double stab+12[13]

Level 16: Double stab+1, Dark sight+2

Level 17: Double stab+3[17]

Level 18: Dark sight+3 [5]

Level 19-20: Save the 6 points and put them in triple stab when you hit second job. This is the most recommended build, because dark sight is useful, and you’d want it to get triple stab to level 6 as soon as possible since at level 6 it can hit 3 monsters. Double stab 17 isn’t much different from double stab at 20.

Dual blade level 10-20 job quests

The start of your job quests! Do your best to trick the dark lord into being your friend and meet seulhi.

Level 10 quests from dark lord: The dark lord will instruct training upon you! Do his quests and kill 20 stumps, 50 stumps, 80 stumps, and finally 10 octopi to receive potions and at the end return scrolls.

Level 10 quest from Honga: honga will tell you to gain the dark lord’s trust to trick him…Go to dark lord and do 2 tasks for him to gain his trust: Kill 20 shrooms for 1300 exp, then kill 10 stumps for 1500 exp. Now that you’ve gained his trust talk to honga for 2000 exp. You should now be level 12 or 13.

Level 12 quest from Honga: Now time to get some classified information. After receiving the quest from honga go talk to Nella whom will ask you to talk to JM from the streetz. He will tell you to find mr.pickall the local lock opener and talk to him. He will tell you to go back and talk to your master Honga. Total exp: 6000

Level14-16 quest from Honga: There are two parts to this quest finish both parts to complete the whole quest. First talk to honga. He will tell you to go to the thief 2nd job instructor two maps from kerning city.

Part 1 from Thief instructor: Talk to him, then honga to get 3k exp. Then, honga tells that there is a secret place in perion and you’ll need the 20 map pieces of the secret map. They drop from bubblings and sometimes drop 2-3 pieces. You’ll be rewarded with 3500 exp and then will have to kill 30 ribbon pigs. This part gives 30 special white potions(untraceable and don’t stack with normal ones) and exp. Then, for the second part get to level 16.

Part 2 from Honga: Ah, now you’re level 16 so talk to honga and get 20 octopus legs, then 20 leaves. Each one gives 3800 exp. Now, you have the materials to paste blade posters! After giving the leaves take the next quest and look for a poster at the right bottom corner of kerning and talk to it.

Now spread the word by pasting that poster to different parts of nearby kerning city.  Paste one at the jazz bar by talking to a blue bottle.

One in kerning city construction center(where subway cleanup is) and one in the kerning subway where Jake is. At the subway paste it at the map thing. After pasting them all talk to honga for 4k exp.

Level 18 quest from Honga: Get the seals! Each monster holds a powerful seal that trains it’s life force! Get seals from the following monsters to complete quest: bubbling, stirge, octopus and dark stump. First get 20 octopus seals. Then 20 bubbling ones, then 20 stirge seals, finally 20 dark stump seals. This whole quest line gives 11050 exp.

Level 19 quest from Honga: Talk to Honga this time to enter the blader’s base. There will be an fm entrance and a door. Go in and talk to Shiva to get 3500 exp. Go to the 2nd floor via elevator and talk to Yeonu for another 3500 exp. Go all the way right now to enter seulhi’s bedroom chamber. She will she that you have some potential are slightly strong and assign you a task after she gives 4k exp. She will ask you to look for her pendant which she loves dearly. Go all the way left and you will find balls on podiums. Hit the stands to get a muddy bead. Crack them until you get the pendant. For now you cannot do anything with it but return it to her when you achieve level 20.


Training spots for 1st job

Henesys hunting ground 1: Snails+shrooms+pigs. Good at 10-18. Crowded.

Slime dungeon(Southern tree dungeon I,II): slimes. Good spawn. Good for 10-15. Money gain is moderate and awesome exp.

Pig beach: Pigs and ribbon pigs galore! Great spawn but with the occasional iron pig.

CFD)caution falling down): Bubblings and octopus. Lots of them and you just stab them all with your dagger.

Henesys party quest: Gives 1600 pq and is fairly easy. The exp becomes sucky at levels 18 and up.


Part 2-Half-way there~

Now that you’re level 20 give the pendant you got at level 19 to seulhi and she’ll make you a semi dualer! She will give you a Nameless blade(Level 20 blade weapon. REQ LVL: 20, requires 40 DEX and 70 LUK. +150 HP, 20 weapon attack. 7 slots.) which you can equip with a dagger such as stinger or zamadar. Also, in the event time you can obtain a level 20 shabby mask. (20 hp/mp, 4 magic and weapon defense.) Now you must train, young semi-dualer. And at level 30 you shall advance to become an official dualer.

Skills and skill build for second job

Dual blade mastery: Master the power of the blade

1: Mastery=15%, Accuracy +1

2: Mastery=15%, Accuracy +2

3: Mastery=20%, Accuracy +3

4: Mastery=20%, Accuracy +4

5: Mastery=25%, Accuracy +5

6: Mastery=25%, Accuracy +6

7: Mastery=30%, Accuracy +7

8: Mastery=30%, Accuracy +8

9: Mastery=35%, Accuracy +9

10: Mastery=35%, Accuracy +10

11: Mastery=40%, Accuracy +11

12: Mastery=40%, Accuracy +12

13: Mastery=45%, Accuracy +13

14: Mastery=45%, Accuracy +14

15: Mastery=50%, Accuracy +15

16: Mastery=50%, Accuracy +16

17: Mastery=55%, Accuracy +17

18: Mastery=55%, Accuracy +18

19: Mastery=60%, Accuracy +19

20: Mastery=60%, Accuracy +20


Triple stab: Hits up to 3 monsters 3 times

1: Uses 15 MP, 155% Damage, Hits 2 monsters

2:Uses 16 MP, 160% Damage, Hits 2 monsters

3:Uses 16 MP, 165% Damage, Hits 2 monsters

4:Uses 17 MP, 170% Damage, Hits 2 monsters

5:Uses 17 MP, 175% Damage, Hits 2 monsters

6:Uses 18 MP, 180% Damage, Hits 3 monsters

7:Uses 18 MP, 185% Damage, Hits 3 monsters

8:Uses 19 MP, 190% Damage, Hits 3 monsters

9:Uses 19 MP, 195% Damage, Hits 3 monsters

10:Uses 20 MP, 200% Damage, Hits 3 monsters


Dual blade booster: Using the shadows your attacks are hastened.

1: Uses 29 MP, and boosts attack speed by 10.

2: Uses 28 MP, and boosts attack speed by 20.

3: Uses 27 MP, and boosts attack speed by 30.

4: Uses 26 MP, and boosts attack speed by 40.

5: Uses 25 MP, and boosts attack speed by 50.

6: Uses 24 MP, and boosts attack speed by 60.
7: Uses 23 MP, and boosts attack speed by 70.

8: Uses 22 MP, and boosts attack speed by 80.

9: Uses 21 MP, and boosts attack speed by 90.

10: Uses 20 MP, and boosts attack speed by 100.

11: Uses 19 MP, and boosts attack speed by 110.

12: Uses 18 MP, and boosts attack speed by 120.

13: Uses 17 MP, and boosts attack speed by 130.

14: Uses 16 MP, and boosts attack speed by 140.

15: Uses 15 MP, and boosts attack speed by 150.

16: Uses 14 MP, and boosts attack speed by 160.

17: Uses 13 MP, and boosts attack speed by 170.

18: Uses 12 MP, and boosts attack speed by 180.

19: Uses 11 MP, and boosts attack speed by 190.

20: Uses 10 MP, and boosts attack speed by 200.


Build 1: Speed is power, how you ever been stabbed at the speed of light?

-If you have eleven points saved up-

Level 20: Mastery+6, Triple stab+6

Level 21-25: Booster+15.

Level 26: Booster+2[17], Mastery+1 [7]

Level 27: Booster+3[20]

Level 28: Mastery+3[10]

Level 29-30: Save 6 points for 2nd job+.

Build 2: All is one and one is all

-If you had no points saved up=

Level 20:triple stab+1

Level 21: Triple stab+3[4]

Level 22: Triple stab +2[6], Mastery+1.

Level 23: Mastery+3[4]

Level 24-27: Mastery+12[16]

Level 28-30: Booster+9 [9]

I shall master all

-If you had 6 points saved up-

Level 20: Triple stab+6, Mastery+1

Level 21-25: Mastery+15[16]

Level 26-28: Mastery+4[20 MAXED], Booster+2

Level 29: Booster+3 [5]

Level 30: Booster+3 [8 Will max later]

The road of a semi-dualer

In these quests the main thing you will do is train to become an official dualer. Suri the fighting owl will train you. You will also delve deeper into the history of the Elder dark lord.

Level 20 quest from Seulhi: Clu-Cluck! The owl cries. Seulhi will send you to Suri the owl for further training. Go to the basement and talk to the owl  for 3k exp. Clluu-Cluck! Go to the 1st portal and fight 50 shadow dualers. They are actually good exp as the quest is. Finish the quest for 5500 exp.

Level 25 quest from Suri the Owl: Clu-Cluuuck! The owl cries once more. Go to the second portal and defeat 60 Giant shadows.

Level 27 quest from Suri: Cluuu-Cluuuuck!!! The owl cries for the last time. Go to the third portal and defeat 70 Shadow bladers.

Level 28 quest from Shiva: Talk to Shiva, then Mr. Pickall, then Manji, then seulhi.

Level 29 quest from Seulhi[JOB ADVANCE QUEST]: talk to seulhi. She will want to know her father’s last wishes and how he died. Got to the Jazz Bar and go into the portal there. Talk to the large book there and Junior dark lords will appear. They throw maple stars and avengers doing 200-400 damage. Kill them all and then talk to the book to obtain the elder dark lord’s diary. Go to this link for translations to it:https://evanvoltaire.wordpress.com/2010/03/15/her-fathers-diary/ .give the book to seulhi when you achieve level 30.


Training spots for 2nd job

Zombie mushroom dungeon: zombie mushrooms and horn mushroom. Great exp levels 24-30. Just go down and mob them.  No crowds since it’s a mini-dungeon. Pretty good since zombie mushrooms drop the level 30 blade.

Caution falling down: Octopi and bubblings reside there. Easy to mob and spawn quickly but it is very crowded. Good exp levels 20-26. Just go to kerning city then one map left and walk left-up until you find a hidden street.

Outside east entrance of Ariant: Easy to find just two maps right(east) of ariant. Large spawn of bunnies: black & white.

Kerning city party quest: An easy simple pq. You just need a good leader and party. It’s great money since you can get overall dex 10% and sell them for 1-2mil each. It also gives ores and other scrolls. A normal semi-dualer will get accepted into kpqs at level 24 and up or when they max triple stab.

Perion excavation camps 3: Just mob the mask monsters. Great exp for levels 25-34.  Highly recommended, but dosen’t pull out that much money.

Sahel 3: Here the sand rats crawl like beasts and you must slaughter them for massive exp. Spam triple stab and kill the mobs. There’s also a kill 150 sand rats quest so you could train while doing it. Amazing exp for level 27-40.

Land of wild boar 1 and 2: Great at levels 25-35. Land of wild boar has great spawn but has junior boogies. They can be killed after hitting the boogie stone at the top of the map. In the second one there are no junior boogies, but it is lesser spawn.

Bubblings: Subway line 1, area 1: great exp here! Good levels 20-25.

End of 2nd job training spots

Part 3=Dualer Fatality.

Just simply turn in the book to Seulhi to become 2nd job+. She will award you with an overall called the nameless one and you will receive a green mask from the event. In this part you will get 4 skills this time: Endure, self-haste, fatal blow, and slash storm. You should now be able to buy humblest blade from the cash shop and sell your nameless blade.

Skills for 2nd job+

Endure: Gain hit points while on a rope.  Passive. [max level is 20]

Level 1: +3 HP, +1 MP every 29 seconds.

Level 2: +6 HP, +2 MP every 28 seconds.

Level 3: +9 HP, +3 MP every 27 seconds.

Level 4: +12 HP, +4 MP every 26 seconds.

Level 5: +15 HP, +5 MP every 25 seconds.

Level 6: +18 HP, +6 MP every 24 seconds.

Level 7: +21 HP, +7 MP every 23 seconds.

Level 8: +24 HP, +8 MP every 22 seconds.

Level 9: +27 HP, +9 MP every 21 seconds.

Level 10: +30 HP, +10 MP every 20 seconds.

Level 11: +33 HP, +11 MP every 19 seconds.

Level 12: +36 HP, +12 MP every 18 seconds.

Level 13: +39 HP, +13 MP every 17 seconds.

Level 14: +42 HP, +14 MP every 16 seconds.

Level 15: +45 HP, +15 MP every 15 seconds.

Level 16: +48 HP, +16 MP every 14 seconds.

Level 17: +52 HP, +17 MP every 13 seconds.

Level 18: +55 HP, +18 MP every 12 seconds.

Level 19: +58 HP, +19 MP every 11 seconds.

Level 20: +61 HP, +20 MP every 10 seconds.

Slash storm: By spinning your body and using your reflexes send 2 devastating slashes to your enemy. [MAX LEVEL:5] It can hit 3 monsters at all levels.

Level 1: 98%

Level 2: 100%

Level 3: 102%

Level 4: 104%

Level 5: 106%

Self-Haste: Hasten your speed and jump for a certain amount of time.           [Buff. Master level 20.]

Level 1: Uses 15 MP, For 10 seconds boosts speed by 2 and jump by 4.

Level 2: Uses 15 MP, For 20 seconds boosts speed by 4 and jump by 5.

Level 3: Uses 15 MP, For 30 seconds boosts speed by 6 and jump by 6.

Level 4: Uses 15 MP, For 40 seconds boosts speed by 6 and jump by 7.

Level 5: Uses 15 MP, For 50 seconds boosts speed by 8 and jump by 8.

Level 6: Uses 15 MP, For 60 seconds boosts speed by 10 and jump by 9.

Level 7: Uses 15 MP, For 70 seconds boosts speed by 12 and jump by 10.

Level 8: Uses 15 MP, For 80 seconds boosts speed by 14 and jump by 11.

Level 9: Uses 15 MP, For 90 seconds boosts speed by 16 and jump by 12.

Level 10: Uses 15 MP, For 100 seconds boosts speed by 18 and jump by 13.

Level 11: Uses 30 MP. For 110 seconds boosts speed by 20, jump by 14.

Level 12: Uses 30 MP. For 120 seconds boosts speed by 22, jump by 15.

Level 13: Uses 30 MP. For 130 seconds boosts speed by 24, jump by 16.

Level 14: Uses 30 MP. For 140 seconds boosts speed by 26, jump by 17.

Level 15: Uses 30 MP. For 150 seconds boosts speed by 28, jump by 18.

Level 16: Uses 30 MP. For 160 seconds boosts speed by 30, jump by 19.

Level 17: Uses 30 MP. For 170 seconds boosts speed by 32, jump by 20.

Level 18: Uses 30 MP. For 180 seconds boosts speed by 34, jump by 21.

Level 19: Uses 30 MP. For 190 seconds boosts speed by 36, jump by 22.

Level 20: Uses 30 MP. For 200 seconds boosts speed by 38, jump by 23.

Fatal blow-Deliver up to 195% damage with up to 8 hits.

Level 1: Uses 18 MP to hit 100% damage 5 times.

Level 2: Uses 18 MP to hit 105% damage 5 times.

Level 3: Uses 18 MP to hit 110% damage 5 times.

Level 4: Uses 18 MP to hit 115% damage 5 times.

Level 5: Uses 18 MP to hit 120% damage 5 times.

Level 6: Uses 22 MP to hit 125% damage 6 times.

Level 7: Uses 22 MP to hit 130% damage 6 times.

Level 8: Uses 22 MP to hit 135% damage 6 times.

Level 9: Uses 22 MP to hit 140% damage 6 times.

Level 10: Uses 22 MP to hit 145% damage 6 times.

Level 11: Uses 26 MP to hit 150% damage 7 times.

Level 12: Uses 26 MP to hit 155% damage 7 times.

Level 13: Uses 26 MP to hit 160% damage 7 times.

Level 14: Uses 26 MP to hit 165% damage 7 times.

Level 15: Uses 26 MP to hit 170% damage 7 times.

Level 16: Uses 30 MP to hit 175% damage 8 times.

Level 17: Uses 30 MP to hit 180% damage 8 times.

Level 18: Uses 30 MP to hit 185% damage 8 times.

Level 19: Uses 30 MP to hit 190% damage 8 times.

Level 20: Uses 30 MP to hit 195% damage 8 times.

Skill builds for second mastery plus. There are several builds to choose here but it’s always a must to max slash storm for mobility attack and it only needs 5 points to max.

Build 1:Fatality (6pts left over from 2nd job)

Level 30:Slash storm+5, Self-haste +2.

Level 31-35:+12 self-haste, +3 Fatal blow.

36-37:Self-haste+6[20 MAXED]

38-40:Fatal blow+9[12]

41-43: Fatal blow+8[20 MAXED], Endure+1[1]

44-49:Endure+18. [19]

50: endure+1[20 MAXED], Mastery+2 [12]

51: Mastery+3[15]

52: Mastery+3[18]

53: Mastery+2[20 MAXED], Triple stab+1[7]

54: Triple stab+3[10 MAXED]

55: 3 extra points.

Build 2: Fatal first please! (6 points saved or no points)

If you had 6 points saved fatal blow build

Level 30: Fatal blow+7

Level 31: Fatal blow+3 [10]

Level 32: Fatal blow+3[13]

Level 33-34: Fatal blow+6[19]

Level 35: Fatal blow+1[20 MAXED], Slash storm+2

Level 36: Slash storm +3 [MAXED]

Level 37-43: Self haste+20, Endure+1

Level 44-49: Endure+18[19]

Level 50: Endure+1[20 MAXED], +2 Disorder [2]

Level 51: Disorder+1, Dark sight+2[2]

Level 52-55: Dark sight+12[14]

For other builds such as ones whereas you have no skill points saved up from the previous job you can do anything you like but once you completely max all your 2nd job+ skills I recommend you max dark sight if not maxed already.(or try to) Why? Because later you will gain a skill called “Advanced dark sight” where you can attack while in dark sight at a certain rate. So experiment or have fun with your awesome skills!

Up the ladder

Level 30 quest from Yunu: Kill fire boars to get tulips. You need 20 tulips. This quest gives 15k exp.

Level 30-50? Quest from Suri: Go down the elevator and go to the last room. Kill 70 shadow blades. This quest gives 12k exp.

Level 54 quest from Seulhi: Talk to seulhi via lightbulb then go to Arec for 70k exp. Collect 100 white fang tails and kill 300 white fangs to get a scroll and 60k exp. Give scroll to seulhi at level 55 for 40k exp.


2nd job+ training spots!

Ligators: Kerning sewer 1: Surprisingly they’re pretty good exp for levels 40-50. Start here once you can 2HKO or 1HKO them easily with fatal blow or triple stab.

Retz: Helios tower has these. They spawn quickly and are in mobs so spam triple stab. I trained here 31-38.

B-3: Iron mutaes here are pretty weak and spawn fast. Train here levels 35-50.

Mushroom kingdom: Do the quests they should get you to 35 quickly.

Kerning square: These quests are pretty fun, but annoying and can give you some cool earrings.

Levels 31-40: Cold eyes at sleepy dungeon 3. Fairly good exp and gives you a small chance of getting chaos scrolls.

Level 35-50: Ludibrium party quest. Fairly simple and gives a lot of exp. Also you can get the broken glasses item.

Scorpions and sand rats=these guys will still be pretty good until 35 or 37. I suggest Sahel 1 and 3.

Pyramid Net: Spam Slash Storm and Triple. Awesome exp and scrolls!

Wraiths and Jr. Wraith: Kerning subway 2 maps from bubblings. Great exp.

Roids-Find them at C-2 and the mini-dungeon near C-2.

Pepe/Yeti Vending Machines=Kerning Square mall, 2 floors up, 1 map right/left I think. Good exp for levels 35-48

Crows at crow forest 1: They’ll be flying around a lot so you can Sstorm a lot and chase them.

Hunting ground in the deep forest I/II-Curse eyes galore! Highly recommended. Good levels 35-40.

Hidden Tower: Go to the 8th floor of eos tower and find a hidden portal. The mobs here are pretty good especially with the occasional 720 exp rombot. [Good for levels 38-45 or you can start here as soon as you can kill them in 1 or 2 hits]

Straw target dummies at Mu lung Practice field: Beginner~Very good spawn rate and mobs. Occasionally dropping thief equips. Good levels 40-65.

End of the training spots

3rd Job: The final dual master!

Congratulations! Once you are level 54, receive your quest via the light bulb above your head. It’ll be Seulhi telling you to get to the 3rd thief job instructor. Go all the way to el nath and talk to him for 70k exp. Now you must get 100 white fang tails and kill 300 white fangs. Turn them in for 60k exp. Next, receive a scroll and at level 55 give it to Seulhi to become a dual master! You should now have the Eternal King blade and owl belt. Giving 225 hp the blade is pretty nice. You get even better skills too this job. Because this job is only 16 levels long you only get 3 skills. Also now that you have reached level 55 you should have receive a blue mask from Cassandra! Get to level 70 for your purple one! The blue mask is much better than the other two you have received! 11 magic and weapon defense, +1 all stats, 55 hp and mp, and 5 slots. Also a reminder, the owl belt gives 20 accuracy and avoid.

Skills and builds!

Tornado Spin: Attack many monsters very quickly with one strong spin. To use press the right arrow button or left arrow button twice or press the hotkey. To max this skill you must have a skill book. (LOL this is just like the evan MG)

  • Level 1: MP -50, 142% speed dash, MP -18, 152% damage dealt.
  • Level 2: MP -50, 142% speed dash, MP -18, 154% damage dealt.
  • Level 3: MP -50, 142% speed dash, MP -18, 156% damage dealt.
  • Level 4: MP -50, 142% speed dash, MP -18, 158% damage dealt.
  • Level 5: MP -50, 142% speed dash, MP -18, 160% damage dealt.
  • Level 6: MP -48, 145% speed dash, MP -22, 180% damage dealt.
  • Level 7: MP -48, 145% speed dash, MP -22, 185% damage dealt.
  • Level 8: MP -48, 145% speed dash, MP -22, 190% damage dealt.
  • Level 9: MP -48, 145% speed dash, MP -22, 195% damage dealt.
  • Level 10: MP -48, 145% speed dash, MP -22, 200% damage dealt.
  • Level 11: MP -45, 150% speed dash, MP -26, 205% damage dealt.
  • Level 12: MP -45, 150% speed dash, MP -26, 210% damage dealt.
  • Level 13: MP -45, 150% speed dash, MP -26, 215% damage dealt.
  • Level 14: MP -45, 150% speed dash, MP -26, 220% damage dealt.
  • Level 15: MP -45, 150% speed dash, MP -26, 225% damage dealt.
  • Level 16: MP -40, 155% speed dash, MP -30, 230% damage dealt.
  • Level 17: MP -40, 155% speed dash, MP -30, 235% damage dealt.
  • Level 18: MP -40, 155% speed dash, MP -30, 240% damage dealt.
  • Level 19: MP -40, 155% speed dash, MP -30, 245% damage dealt.
  • Level 20: MP -40, 155% speed dash, MP -30, 250% damage dealt.

Flash Jump: While in the air, press the skill key and an arrow key to jump a great distance. The higher the skill point the higher the distance jumped.

  • Level 1: MP – 60, Jumps a certain distance
  • Level 2: MP – 57, Jumps a certain distance
  • Level 3: MP – 54, Jumps a certain distance
  • Level 4: MP – 51, Jumps a certain distance
  • Level 5: MP – 48, Jumps a certain distance
  • Level 6: MP – 45, Jumps a certain distance
  • Level 7: MP – 42, Jumps a certain distance
  • Level 8: MP – 39, Jumps a certain distance
  • Level 9: MP – 36, Jumps a certain distance
  • Level 10: MP – 33, Jumps a certain distance
  • Level 11: MP – 31, Jumps a certain distance
  • Level 12: MP – 29, Jumps a certain distance
  • Level 13: MP – 27, Jumps a certain distance
  • Level 14: MP – 25, Jumps a certain distance
  • Level 15: MP – 23, Jumps a certain distance
  • Level 16: MP – 21, Jumps a certain distance
  • Level 17: MP – 19, Jumps a certain distance
  • Level 18: MP – 17, Jumps a certain distance
  • Level 19: MP – 15, Jumps a certain distance
  • Level 20: MP – 13, Jumps a certain distance

Flash Bang: Throw a few “flash bangs” to blind your enemies and lower their accuracy.

  • Level 1: MP -15, damage 45%, 3 monsters attacked.
  • Level 2: MP -15, damage 50%, 3 monsters attacked.
  • Level 3: MP -15, damage 55%, 3 monsters attacked.
  • Level 4: MP -15, damage 60%, 3 monsters attacked.
  • Level 5: MP -15, damage 65%, 3 monsters attacked.
  • Level 6: MP -19, damage 70%, 4 monsters attacked.
  • Level 7: MP -19, damage 75%, 4 monsters attacked.
  • Level 8: MP -19, damage 80%, 4 monsters attacked.
  • Level 9: MP -19, damage 85%, 4 monsters attacked.
  • Level 10: MP -19, damage 90%, 4 monsters attacked.
  • Level 11: MP -23, damage 95%, 5 monsters attacked.
  • Level 12: MP -23, damage 100%, 5 monsters attacked.
  • Level 13: MP -23, damage 105%, 5 monsters attacked.
  • Level 14: MP -23, damage 110%, 5 monsters attacked.
  • Level 15: MP -23, damage 115%, 5 monsters attacked.
  • Level 16: MP -27, damage 120%, 6 monsters attacked.
  • Level 17: MP -27, damage 125%, 6 monsters attacked.
  • Level 18: MP -27, damage 130%, 6 monsters attacked.
  • Level 19: MP -27, damage 135%, 6 monsters attacked.
  • Level 20: MP -27, damage 140%, 6 monsters attacked.

Skill Builds

The blinding jump=Maxing both flash skills first for more mobility and to decrease accuracy and just use fatal blow until you get tornado.

Level 55: Flash bang+1

Level 56: Flash jump+2, Flash bang+1[2]

Level 57-60: Flash jump+12[14]

Level 61: Flash jump+3[17]

Level 62:Flash jump+3[20 MAXED]

Level 63-68: Flash bang+18[20 MAXED]

Level 69: Tornado Spin+3

Level 70: 3 points into dark sight if not maxed.

Tornado Spin build: There are two for this. One for if you have the book and one for if you don’t.

Level 55: Tornado Spin: +1

Level 56-60: Flash Jump+15

Level 61-63: Tornado Spin+9 [10 MAXED if you do not have book]

Level 64-68: Flash Bang+15

Level 69-70: Dark sight+6 if not maxed. If maxed put into anything.

And if you have the mastery book……

Level 55-60: Tornado spin+18

Level 61: Tornado spin+2, Flash bang+1.

Level 62-66:Flash jump+15

Level 67-69: Flash bang+9 [10]

Level 70: Use on flash jump, flash bang (NOT recommended), or dark sight.)

Those are 3 builds I thought up! If nexon America makes the mastery books cash only, then I guess they’ll be rich…If you want you can not put any points into flash bang since at times it’s useless and you can put those points into dark sight or endure.

3rd job quests for Dual master!

Level 69: Go to Arec and then to Dark lord. Then go to the dangerous swamp II and enter the mysterious door. Kill the clone and give the charm it drops to dark lord for the necklace of strength. Then, get a dark crystal and go to el nath and find the holy stone. Answer the questions correctly to get the necklace of wisdom. (answers can be found on Hiddenstreet or insoya.) Give both to Arec for the advancement.

End of quests

Training spots for 3rd job

C-2: Roids and neo huroids galore! You should be able to kill these guys pretty quickly with fatal blow, triple stab, and tornado spin.

MP3: Mysterious Path 3 is a nice place for all jobs. The selkies gives a lot of exp and there is fast spawn rate. Might be hard to find a channel though

Truckers: Go to freezers then go to the top right portal.

Windraiders and nlc mobs: Really good exp. Go past the jq and into the cave.

FoG: Forest of golems is a mini-dungeon in sleepwood dungeon. Tons of golems.

end of training spots

3rd Job+-Slasher the Basher!

At level 70 you will finally have reached slasher. Like the other advances you will get a quest at 69 and must finish it at 70. At this point you can now receive the almighty purple mask which gives +2 all stats, and 70 HP/MP. As a slasher you will be able to wear the following blades: Sky negate[70], Dragon’s Anger[80], Gulf hole [90], Meteor[100], Dragon Year[105 from Dragonica pq], Blue moon blade[110], and Reverse and timeless Koshun.

Bloody storm: An advanced version of slash storm which is faster and stronger. You must have gotten the mastery book and gotten slash storm to 20.

Level 1: MP -35, damage 190%, attacks up to 6 enemies

Level 5: MP -35, damage 230%, attacks up to 6 enemies.

Level 10: MP -42, damage 280%, attacks up to 8 enemies.

Advanced dark sight: At a certain chance, attack while in dark sight. [Master level: 20] When maxed it works at a 49%chance, not working at a 51% chance, you need maxed dark sight.

Upper Stab: Throw monsters into the air, when in midair they receive more damage. At level 20 when it is maxed it uses 40 mp, does 245% damage, the monster is thrown into the air, and does 70%+ extra dmg.

Flying Assaulter: Attacks monsters from above. [Mastery level:20], When maxed it does 400% dmg, uses 36 mp, hits 8 monsters, and has a 7% chance to stun for 6 seconds.

Mirror imaging: Just about the exact same concept as shadow partner. It makes a mirror of your own character. [Mastery: 30] When maxed it does, 60% mirror damage, uses 200 mp and stays for 180 seconds.

Owl Dead: Summon an owl and throw it onto an enemy. If the owl kills the monster your next attacks may be multiplied by 1.5. [Mastery level: 20] When maxed it uses 80 MP, 40% chance of a 1HKO, 1.5 times damage given to next 9 hits, Lasts 1 minute.



End of training

Dual Blader, Dark lord is down for the count.

You have finally advanced to the final series of the Dualer. You Can now use extremely strong skills and do other many things. At level 100 you should’ve gotten the dual blade mask. A white mask that gives 100 HP/MP, +3 all stats, This is being the final advancement only 80 more levels until level 200 and you can get silver mane now!

The Epic skills

Dummy effect: Summons a dummy that looks just like you! Monsters will attack it instead of you. The exact same effect as the bowman skill puppet. Mastery:30

Level 1: Uses 105 MP, and dummy lasts for 15 seconds

Level 2: Uses 110 MP, and dummy lasts for 15 seconds

Level 3: Uses 115 MP, and dummy lasts for 15 seconds

Level 4: Uses 120 MP, and dummy lasts for 15 seconds

Level 5: Uses 125 MP, and dummy lasts for 30 seconds

Level 6: Uses 130 MP, and dummy lasts for 30 seconds

Level 7: Uses 135 MP, and dummy lasts for 30 seconds

Level 8: Uses 140 MP, and dummy lasts for 30 seconds

Level 9: Uses 145 MP, and dummy lasts for 30 seconds

Level 10: Uses 150 MP, and dummy lasts for 30 seconds

Level 11: Uses 155 MP, and dummy effect lasts 45 seconds.

Level 12: Uses 160 MP, and dummy effect lasts 45 seconds.

Level 13: Uses 165 MP, and dummy effect lasts 45 seconds.

Level 14: Uses 170 MP, and dummy effect lasts 45 seconds.

Level 15: Uses 175 MP, and dummy effect lasts 45 seconds.

Level 16: Uses 180 MP, and dummy effect lasts 60 seconds.

Level 17: Uses 185 MP, and dummy effect lasts 60 seconds.

Level 18: Uses 190 MP, and dummy effect lasts 60 seconds.

Level 19: Uses 195 MP, and dummy effect lasts 60 seconds.

Level 20: Uses 200 MP, and dummy effect lasts 60 seconds.

Level 21: Uses 205 MP, and dummy effect lasts 75 seconds.

Level 22: Uses 210 MP, and dummy effect lasts 75 seconds.

Level 23: Uses 215 MP, and dummy effect lasts 75 seconds.

Level 24: Uses 220 MP, and dummy effect lasts 75 seconds.

Level 25: Uses 225 MP, and dummy effect lasts 75 seconds.

Level 26: Uses 230 MP, and dummy effect lasts 90 seconds.

Level 27: Uses 235 MP, and dummy effect lasts 90 seconds.

Level 28: Uses 240 MP, and dummy effect lasts 90 seconds.

Level 29: Uses 245 MP, and dummy effect lasts 90 seconds.

Level 30: Uses 250 MP, and dummy effect lasts 90 seconds.

Sudden raid: Dual blade’s ultimate skill. It does high damage to all monsters on the screen by summoning ninja’s which shoot crossbows. Hits 15 monsters.

Level 1: Uses 350 MP, Deals 225% damage.

Level 5: Uses 390 MP, Deals 225% damage.

Level 10: Uses 440 MP, Deals 350% damage.

Level 30: Uses 980 MP, Deals 600% damage.

Thorns: Summons an array of thorns which increase chance of critical. It can be used as a party buff but the chance is decreased if in party, if there is another critical skill it cancels. .(critical rings count.)

Level 1: Uses 255 MP, Critical damage 85%, 0 Critical rate, lasts 30 seconds.

Level 2: Uses 260 MP, Critical damage 90%, 1.25% Critical rate, lasts 30 seconds.

Level 3: Uses 265 MP, Critical damage 95%, 2.5% Critical rate, lasts 30 seconds.

Level 4: Uses 270 MP, Critical damage 100%, 3.75% Critical rate, lasts 30 seconds.

Level 5: Uses 275 MP, Critical damage 105%, 5% Critical rate, lasts 30 seconds.

Level 6: Uses 280 MP, Critical damage 110%, 6.25% Critical rate, lasts 30 seconds.

Level 7: Uses 285 MP, Critical damage 115%, 7.5% Critical rate, lasts 30 seconds.

Level 8: Uses 290 MP, Critical damage 120%, 8.75% Critical rate, lasts 30 seconds.

Level 9: Uses 295 MP, Critical damage 125%, 10% Critical rate, lasts 30 seconds.

Level 10: Uses 300 MP, Critical damage 130%, 11.25% critical rate, lasts 60 seconds.

Level 11: Uses 305 MP, Critical damage 135%, 12.5% critical rate, lasts 60 seconds.

Level 12: Uses 310 MP, Critical damage 140%, 13.75% critical rate, lasts 60 seconds.

Level 13: Uses 315 MP, Critical damage 145%, 15% critical rate, lasts 60 seconds.

Level 14: Uses 320 MP, Critical damage 150%, 16.25% critical rate, lasts 60 seconds.

Level 15: Uses 325 MP, Critical damage 155%, 17.5% critical rate, lasts 60 seconds.

Level 16: Uses 330 MP, Critical damage 160%, 18.75% critical rate, lasts 60 seconds.

Level 17: Uses 335 MP, Critical damage 165%, 20% critical rate, lasts 60 seconds.

Level 18: Uses 340 MP, Critical damage 170%, 21.25% critical rate, lasts 60 seconds.

Level 19: Uses 345 MP, Critical damage 175%, 22.5% critical rate, lasts 60 seconds.

Level 20: Uses 350 MP, Critical damage 180%, 23.75% critical rate, lasts 90 seconds.

Level 21: Uses 355 MP, Critical damage 185%, 25% critical rate, lasts 90 seconds

Level 25: Uses 375 MP, Critical damage 205%, 30% critical rate, lasts 90 seconds.

Level 30: Uses 400 MP, Critical damage 250%, 35% critical rate, lasts 120 seconds.

Chains of hell: Throw a chain which grabs the enemy then pulls him close to you while in dark sight. After the enemy comes close attack it 12 times in great succession. You can use this in succession with ADS(advanced dark sight) continuously as long as the 49% does not cancel it out.

Final cut & Monster Bomb: FC charges your power and unleashes a very powerful attack. It can attack up to 8 monsters, when maxed does 1500% damage, uses 300 MP, and maximum strength is 65% for 1 minute. Monster bomb throws a sticky paper ninja bomb onto an enemy and the bomb will explode later. It also attacks the monsters around it. When maxed it does 1200% to up to 15 monsters, uses 230 MP, has a 30 second cooldown, and explodes after 3 seconds.

End of dual blade skills

That’s it for now guys! Thanks! Special credits to the following people: Omgitsmazz, starzmayhem, louise, jumbojet, ellinforest, chenhaaoru, Yellondaz, Sleezy, and spadow! And extra thanks to yj1996 for quests. If you have any questions, ask in comments!