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Heya guys! and welcome to part 2 of the patch post! Resistance shall epic-ly come out on….JULY 22 2010! in other words in about 13 days.  Like for when dualers and evans were about to come out the resistance box is there greyed out. Translated it says: Resistance coming soon! Leveling speed: 2, 2 potential, 3 freedom and 2 difficulty. Maximum level is 200.

A new world has been released. If you reach level 70 within the time limit in the server “Nova” then you can  obtain the Nova Bandana. But, since there’ll be 2x exp and drop in this server for a while i don’t think it’ll be that hard…..also if you job advance in nova you get a prize from teo.  The nova dana has 18 all stats, 10 hands, 25 avoid/acc, and 180 weapon and magic defense. Seeing as there are already 2nd jobbers 200 might take less than  a month. Here’s what the nova dana looks like. There has also been town extensions. For example there are now maps leading from Nautilus port to Florina beach. There are many monsters in between. And 1 new monster. This new guy is called blue ribbon pig.

They drop blue ribbons which are 100 mesos per ribbon and give decent exp. These could be an alternative for the lv11 stirges. Also here is the new map of victoria island. I will explain each section roughly.The middle part with the 2 boats is called Port Road: 6 pathways. From there you can get to sleepywood, henesys, ellinia, nautilus, perion, both boats, lith harbor, and kerning city! for sleepywood if you go to the middle portal it takes you directly to sleepy with no monster maps in between. For kerning city the kerning hunting spots are in the swamp and the subway. Go into the subway next to shumi and go in the portal and choose the first option to go in the subway like normal. Then after 1 or 2 maps there should be another portal in the right top corner that leads to the swamp. In the swamp is a new mudball monster. In subway area stirges(lv11) are now insane exp. At low levels they could help you powerlevel  with 2x exp. At level 48 it gave me 0.02%…… And in nautilus if you look at the map there are 4 naut hunting maps. 2 outside, 2 inside. The outside ones all have orange mushrooms and pigs. Now the inner ones you must get to by going all the way right in nautilus port and going in the new portal! Power B. Fore is in the first inner one and it’s filled with pigs. The 2nd one is covered in blue ribbon pigs which as i mentioned are good exp.

in henesys: The portal before mush kingdom and then one right before that and the one 2 after henesys all lead to mushmoms. The one before mushkingdom, then going straight is zombie mushmom and zombie mushies. The one before is mushdad and the one 2 before is mushmom normal.  Mushmom normal is level 15. now haven’t explored other towns yet but for sleepywood to continue to the hunting maps you MUST BE LVL 50+. Also new, if you hover over a yellow dot it tells you what monsters and npcs are there!

Idk if its a glitch but it still has christmas tree lol! Here is the new ereb/orbis boat entrances. It’s in the middle of port road. Also a picture of the henesys entrance to PR.

The new henesys is more compact, cleaner, and nicer. Maya’s house is still thar. Part 3 will be posted Tomorow!


Big bang! the new maple! 1.2.102…….wtf….lol. All classes got buffed! and maps changed around alot and  monsters got buffed too. Exp required to level changed. KPQ is now lv20-200, LPQ is now 30-200, OPQ is now 50-200.

As you can see i can do KPQ and go through all the pqs via the dimensional mirror! Pretty handy huh? Tons of new monsters were also released with the patch. Mushmom is now level 15. Mushmom, Blue mushmom, and zombie mushmom are now all low leveled and spawn near henesys. When i first logged in a lightbulb was above me! For one-time only the maple adminstrator will let you teleport to a specific town to train there appropriate to your level.

Orbis is now lv36-54, el nath is now 43-55, and ludibrium is 44-65. I explored some and the brown teddies whom were once noob and lv30/31 are now lv45ish 😦 and the normal robos spawn 2 maps under ludi and are level 61. Everyone’s damage was boosted by a ton. My damage range used to be 3xx-691 but it’s now 6xx-967. replace x with random numbers. All characters also get boosted hp when they level now. For example my level 15 gunslinger to be has 500+ hp. Also new skills were added and some were changed. For example here are some changes: Dark sight is now lv10 max, slash storm hits 170% at lv5, warriors have a “Weapon” mastery instead of blunt weapon mastery or sword mastery and a weapon final attack/booster now. Warriors also have ground smash. Disorder and nimble body are like 10 or 15 max now. Dualer’s new skill shadow resistance replaced endure. Spell mastery was added for mages. Your weapon attack goes up while on battleship.

Weapon mastery. Also it’s probably a glitch but you must max all your 1st job skills to put in 2nd/3rd/4th job skills for some reason when using sp reset. Everyone got a sp reset scroll. It resets all your sp in skills.

Also, as you noticed the UI changed! And you can change the resolution anytime you want! The Potion and use item prices also changed drastically. Not only that, but it is now super easy to get potions anytime. I got 208 blue pots from killing monsters that were in my way. Monsters may now drop bundles of pots. meaning it may look like it dropped 1 blue potion but when you loot it will say “You have obtained 2-5 Blue potions”

Red pots are now 4 mesos. Orange are 45.  White=91 mesos, blue=20, mana elixers=196. Unagis are like 700ish. windowed mode was also added.

Hey guys a new button was added but it’s greyed out at the moment.

As you can see it says skin change. Since it is greyed out no one knows what it does at the moment. It is greyed out in kmst also i think. It’s been there for a while and people have been wondering what it does! My speculation is that instead of skin as in black,white,pale, blue etc. it could mean the skin color or design of the boxes. In kmst the boxes for items and equips is currently black and shiny. Using the skin change button you might be able to make it red or yellow!

Hey guys, finished updating more info of the battlemages! Seems new towns are now in the data. Edelstein and Leven mine. My speculation or idea about the story is this:

The resistance were trainees of the black mage, but after discovering his true plans they rebeled and subdued him. Then, ran away and honed their skills.  Now, they created a civilization called Edelstein and raised a city and train people in Leven mine to overthrow the black mage.

Edelstein: Leven Mine Icon: Now I’ll get to posing more skills! Quad Blow! As the name suggests you must have maxed triple blow and it hits 4 Times. When it is maxed it hits up to 6 enemies, uses 28 MP, and does 240% damage.

Dark chain is a cool flashy skill that summons a dark chain(NO DUH) from a secret realm and pulls up to 6 monsters to you. Once the monsters are pulled  you hit damage and stun them for a certain amount of time! When maxed it uses 24 mp, does 70% damage and stuns the enemy for…..GASP! 2 seconds….In motion under this.

4 Buffs in 2nd Job: In 2nd job the battlemage receives 4 Buff skills! They are in the following order: Blue Aura, Yellow Aura, Blood drain and staff booster. The skill icons are on the right of the picture of dark chain. Blue Aura is another of the aura series! It is very useful and like all auras is a party buff. All party members absorb 30% of the dmg received and all party members damage is divided by 30% i think. Yellow aura increases speed by summoning a light from a spirit. When maxed gives 20 speed and 1 attack to all party members. Blood Drain when maxed uses 66 MP and makes 4% of the damage received into recovered HP. The last buff is booster which increases attack speed.

Alright! Onto 3rd job now!


The ones in the left coulumn going down are advanced blue aura, staff mastery, and Death blow. Middle is Revive, and going down on the right coulumn are Dark lightning, Conversion, and superbody.  First i’ll explain Revive. Revive gives a chance for the monster to become a reaper when it dies. The reaper will like a summon pwn monsters for you, but unlike a summon it can move by itself and not follow you. When maxed they will last 90 seconds and there’s a 20% chance a monster will be turned into a reaper! Those are some pics but i gotta go so I’ll post more later!

The resistance

The resistance are a new branch job of 2 classes: Battlemage( a close combat magic using job), and Wild Hunter(A ranged crossbowman with a handy jaguar companion). BMs can only use staves and they have staff mastery and staff booster. While most of spadow’s posts are based on his wild hunter, mine are more biased on battlemages. Which i think are cooler. Now first off, the resistance have 3 beginner skills basically the normal skills just with different names and animations. Crystal throw can get a crystal mined from mines and you throw it at an enemy.

Infiltrate: Dark sight+Nimble feet pretty much. When maxed you can up your speed by 15 and hide for 30 seconds.

Efficiency: Basically what this does is heals you for a certain amount.

A battlemage advances at levels 10,30,70,120 like adventurers and aran. As i said before they use staves. They will be also particularly useful in parties and boss runs because of their auras which buff the party. 1st job they get 4 skills: Triple blow,teleport, finish attack, dark aura. Triple blow lashes at the enemy and hits the enemy 3 times when maxed. It can mob up to 6 monsters. Mastery level is 20 and when maxed it hits 60% damage. Finish attack sends a sawtooth wheel hurdling towards the enemy. Hits up to 6 enemies and when maxed basic damage is 30. mastery level is 10, attack depends on the move used last. 😛

Yes,yes and you all know what teleport does…It obviously teleports…Dark aura is the first aura skill you get. It increase attack by summoning dark aura from a evil spirit. Uses 30 mp and when maxed increases damage by 10%. In 2nd job you receive 2 more auras and 2 new main attacking skills. So tune in next time for 2nd and 3rd job skills!

Credits to insoya, nessy, aristo, and all of ellin fer ther support.

Shout! A new event has boomed into korean maplestory!!! With the fifa world cup coming up for this summer even maplestory must participate! Go korea!

It is a soccer ball that will aid in the korean player’s victory. If you get 20 and double click you will receive a present or experience.

Hi guys! My dual blade guide with complete quests, blades, full accuracte info, training spots, skill info, and over 10 builds is almost complete! I will put it on in when DBs come out to GMS. Meaning, if you are viewing this blog…you will see it first! Expect the guide in less than a week! Also i have started a Battle mage guide for those wondering. Also, as you probably noticed, the theme changed to Motion! I think it’s neater and cooler. Today in maple i did dojo and got pretty far!

Later they got to balrog! 😀

In the next blog post, expect more battlemage info!

Hey guys! Maple anniversery has ended and a new quest event started! It’s one thats very familiar…………………………….GAGA THE ARCHAEOLOGIST EVENT! Once again, get artifacts and stuff to get the glasses and hat. Same rules apply. I earned two medals from the anniversery event. The first one…

it has 2 all stats and u get the Maple family medal by logging in 7 times and accepting the quest during the time limit. If you log in and go on maple for 14 days you get the Authentic maple family medal! xD Both are permanent. Also found a few cool godly items that add a certain “percent” of a stat. For example +9% DEX wud add 9 dex if u have 81 dex. I think….Also a new job has been released in kms. it is called the resistance. There are two branching jobs of it: Wild Hunter and Battlemage. After school’s over im gonna make a battlemage. They have many party buffs that will get them in lots of boss runs and a skill called revive that turns monsters into reapers at a 20% chance when maxed. The reapers attack at will and move around at will unlike bahamut and ifrit.

Dark genesis is basically a copy of genesis except its well….dark. And the lady that comes up is goth. Description says: A shining light from the dark drops and hits 15 monsters. When maxed it hits 970 dmg and uses 500 mp.

Ironic how spadow thinks wild hunters are so cool,  but i think they’re boring and battlemages are way better. :]

Well can’t wait til exams are over~

Heya guys! new patch came out with potential scrolls, follow option, and more such as chaos monsters. One of the level 15 yellow female thief equips i found had a potential note on it.

translated it says:This item’s potential can be increased. (Required item:Magnifying glass)

Also, as seen from the last post i have 2 more green items. They are a zakum helm! and a maple level 64 bow!

STR+18, DEX+30, INT+25, LUK+22, 159 def, 160 magic defense.

6 DEX, 103 hp, 110 attack.

The new follow button appears along with report a gm, party invite,, guild invite, etc when you right click a character. You must be right next to the person and if a monster hits you while you are following that person the follow will be disrupted.

finally, my dual blade got to level 40! So i did pyramid’s net for the first time! The results? Well on the first attempt i ran out of pots and died but then later i made sure i had enough pots and did it again and got a “A”~

Hello guys! sorry long time no post! On kms alot of new things happend along with the new anniversery party quest and other quests. There is now an extended item ranking system. Normally it was Gray—>Orange—->Blue—->Purple——————->then yellow, correct? Well now it is: Gray—>Orange—->Blue—->Purple—–>Yellow—->Green—>Pink? I think that’s it. Today i saw 2 green reverse/timeless items. Here is a green engaw.

And a alchupiz?? Also i finally got one silver coin. I only need alot more to get a maple item lol. Now the reason the title has the word quiz in it is because i have something fun for you guys! Alot of new mounts came into kms and the quiz is to count how many mounts, pets, and NPCs are in the following pictures!