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The new login screen! A new event has taken place also. The chusok event! For those who don’t know chusok is a korean holiday that happens around fall. You visit family and eat RICE CAKES. In maple you shall travel to Moon Land via the Dimensional Mirror. And a lightbulb also appears when u login. Please help blah blah blah, find the music note sheet for the Moonlight Sonata to help baby moon bunny. Now talk to the event NPC Cassandra! Sounds easy right? As you can see in the picture I am in magatia. Cassandra wants me to go to ELLINIA and talk to Wing,Rowen, and Arwen. I can just take Carcasa’s magic carpet..But wait! Wing wants me to do something! I must get 1 emerald for wing, 1 opal for Arwen, and 1 gold plate for Rowen. I’m gonna have to either buy from people or farm somewhere. Along with that came many quests where you hunt for random etc items! Remember the cooler event with the mushrooms a while back? Something similar came except its 5 colored packs. Now….the moment you’ve been waiting for….AMGASH A RED LETTER. It looks so cool dosen’t it? Nexon sure is creative with their lightbulbs. I double clicked and met Luden! Do you know of the prison guards in Van Leon’s castle? I don’t know if it’s a typo or if i’m just blind but the last sentence says up to 150 people can enter the battle. What battle? I clicked next then accept to go to…We had to fight a big turtle of which i lagged a ton and 3 minutes later i d/ced. I did manage to damage it several times though. The PQ Moon land is still unknown about and near impossible to do because the NPCs don’t do shet. I have recently been reading Deathnote. It’s pretty cool!


My original kms account had died the one with evanknight38, cygnusserize, and assas1n.  I think i got hacked cuz i typed in my rigth info but it said it was wrong so someone must’ve changed my info. So i made a new account in kms. I made a thief (bandit) in culverin and got it to lvl 15. Well then…i guess i should tell you the latest kms update! first off, the first legend was aran, then was evan, now the thief legend is coming to maplestory! It’s only been 2 months since evan, but they’re making a new job already! Seemingly they’re using 2 new types of equips called Shoulderpads and blades. The name is unknown for the time being. Also, lunar new year is coming up (which is the reason i have no school on next monday) This year is the year of the tiger so they’re making a tiger based event in maple! I don’t know much information but i heard there are going to be new tiger related equips and a pet.  Here is 비밀volkari (secret volkari) my new thief:  Also, while training at stumps, a stump dropped a sky snowboard it has 18 attack and its a polearm. I might sell it if its worth some mesos, if not i’ll make an aran and use it on my aran.

Also, i got to go to channel 20 which is the adult channel for age 20 and up. Because my dad made this account for me so i could go to channel 20 since i used my dad’s age. On everplanet i made a magician named Volkari. Peace, Mate!