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Heya guys! 2nd successful prison guard turtle battle! and i actually managed to get some great screenies!

It has a atomic hammer like attack. about all his attacks deal over 1000 damage and so is his touch damage. The two red and blue crystals heal all your hp and mp if u stand there for a while. This is useful because of the potion cooldown.

It’s good to have alot of people in this battle since it has alot of HP and most people bail. Bishop using genesis. We had a bishop and an ice lightning arch mage. Priests and bishops are good because of heal and the potion cooldown.He also has that armor up thing and an attack that’s kinda like an ultimate, shooting flame eruptions out of the ground doing 1000+ damage. Right before he died he seduced everyone…..But he gave 13,896 exp. Beaten in 7 minutes. Up to 150 people can go on 1 run. After you defeat prison guard turtle you must talk to Luthen! He will give you a special box and you get a random prize after opening it. In my 2 runs so far i’ve gotten 100 elixers, and 50 power elixers. They are untradeable, and npcable for only 0 mesos. Good day to you all.


The new login screen! A new event has taken place also. The chusok event! For those who don’t know chusok is a korean holiday that happens around fall. You visit family and eat RICE CAKES. In maple you shall travel to Moon Land via the Dimensional Mirror. And a lightbulb also appears when u login. Please help blah blah blah, find the music note sheet for the Moonlight Sonata to help baby moon bunny. Now talk to the event NPC Cassandra! Sounds easy right? As you can see in the picture I am in magatia. Cassandra wants me to go to ELLINIA and talk to Wing,Rowen, and Arwen. I can just take Carcasa’s magic carpet..But wait! Wing wants me to do something! I must get 1 emerald for wing, 1 opal for Arwen, and 1 gold plate for Rowen. I’m gonna have to either buy from people or farm somewhere. Along with that came many quests where you hunt for random etc items! Remember the cooler event with the mushrooms a while back? Something similar came except its 5 colored packs. Now….the moment you’ve been waiting for….AMGASH A RED LETTER. It looks so cool dosen’t it? Nexon sure is creative with their lightbulbs. I double clicked and met Luden! Do you know of the prison guards in Van Leon’s castle? I don’t know if it’s a typo or if i’m just blind but the last sentence says up to 150 people can enter the battle. What battle? I clicked next then accept to go to…We had to fight a big turtle of which i lagged a ton and 3 minutes later i d/ced. I did manage to damage it several times though. The PQ Moon land is still unknown about and near impossible to do because the NPCs don’t do shet. I have recently been reading Deathnote. It’s pretty cool!

whoops! meant to say RICHIE.  But anyways a new guild system has been installed and Gold Richie is here yet again! This time he has thrown away the compass and now it’s a different event everyday! But first I’ll show you the guild system just in case you didn’t see spadow’s blog!

The new guild windowWhen I logged on and clicked Guild Skills I saw that 2 were blue and had a guildie’s name on it. Meaning they used it and all guild members will have it. It requires massive amounts of mesos to upgrade. Level 2 for Accuracy/Avoid increase requires guild level 3 and 12.8 million mesos. I truthfully hope they decrease the price by alot. 12.8 million mesos for 4%+ avoid and accuracy? With the arrival of the resistance, the black mage strengthens his forces! Gold Richie has come with quests in order to fend off the black wings in Edelstein! Everyday he has a different quest for you! Wednesday’s quest is a boss catching quest. gold richie says that to slow down the black wing’s forces we must take down the main bosses! Today, slay faust and find a faust’s tail! The reward’s suck like crap. I got 2.6k exp. On monday, you must take the quest form gold richie in the fm and hunt for golden boxes from all monsters! They drop extremely commonly. Get 3 and give 1 to maple adminstrator, 1 to Gaga, and one to cassandra. You get more crap exp. On tuesdays in all maps a monster called Megrang will spawn. It is a fat tomato. Get it’s seeds for crap exp. On thursdays hunt monsters for 10 Purple monster crystals for Gaga the scientist’s research. On Fridays, Gaga is working on a secret weapon! HE LOST IT. Hunt for the key and give to Gaga. Now you may be thinking…CRAP EXP?! FUCK THIS! Well there’s a catch! If you do 1-3 you get exp. If you do 4-5 you get exp and pots! If you do 6/7 quests then you get exp,pots, AND a random scroll. If you do all 7 you can get exp,pots,fame, and 2 random scrolls.

Dualer to slasher to master, 2 weapons?!

Woooo huzzzzah! Dualers came out in tespia a few hours ago! Now i guess information about it will be a bit more accurate and stuff. A lot of information was found out about the new mysterious job……For example! A teaser video was released on the kms site and new wallpapers. The teaser video is on youtube for now and maple-news.com. According to the video the job can use 1 dagger and 1 blade. My guess is that like with shoulderpads they’ll add a new equip slot in the equip window.  Also, another thing i noticed is that they have very unstable damage in my opinion. In the video when the guy attacks with a savage blow like thing the damage things that came out were: 5030 dmg, 20358 dmg, 17316 dmg, and 3k something dmg. Here’s the video:

Also i found a few second job skills for dualer! They are triple stab, blade booster, and blade mastery.

Blade mastery: Master level 20, Passive, Increases the mastery with the blade, also with training increases accuracy.

Level 1: Mastery-15%, Accuracy 1

Level 2: Mastery-15%, Accuracy 2

Level 3: Mastery-20%, Accuracy 3

Level 4: Mastery-20%, Accuracy 4

Level 5: Mastery-25%, Accuracy 5

Level 6: Mastery-25%, Accuracy 6

Level 7: Mastery-30%, Accuracy 7

Level 8: Mastery-30%, Accuracy 8

Level 9: Mastery-35%, Accuracy 9

Level 10: Mastery-35%, Accuracy 10

Level 11: Mastery-40%, Accuracy 11

Level 12: Mastery-40%, Accuracy 12

Level 13: Mastery-45%, Accuracy 13

Level 14: Mastery-45%, Accuracy 14

Level 15: Mastery-50%, Accuracy 15

Level 16: Mastery-50%, Accuracy 16

Level 17: Mastery-55%, Accuracy 17

Level 18: Mastery-55%, Accuracy 18

Level 19: Mastery-60%, Accuracy 19

Level 20: Mastery-60%, Accuracy 20


Triple Stab:  [master level 20] Damages the enemy three times in a row. Requires level 10 double stab.

Level 1: Uses 16 MP and does 155% damage

Level 2: Uses 16 MP and does 160% damage

Level 3: Uses 16 MP and does 165% damage

Level 4: Uses 16 MP and does 170% damage

Level 5: Uses 16 MP and does 175% damage

Level 6: Uses 18 MP and does 180% damage

Level 7: Uses 18 MP and does 185% damage

Level 8: Uses 18 MP and does 190% damage

Level 9: Uses 18 MP and does 195% damage

Level 10: Uses 18 MP and does 200% damage

____________________________________________________________________________________________  Blade booster: Increases speed of dagger by using hp and mp. Master level is 20. Needs level 5 mastery.

Level 1: HP/MP -29, lasts 10 seconds, +2 speed

Level 2: HP/MP -28, lasts 20 seconds, +2 speed

Level 3: HP/MP -27, lasts 30 seconds, +2 speed

Level 4: HP/MP -26, lasts 40 seconds, +2 speed

Level 5: HP/MP -25, lasts 50 seconds, +2 speed

Level 6: HP/MP -24, lasts 60 seconds, +2 speed

Level 7: HP/MP -23, lasts 70 seconds, +2 speed

Level 8: HP/MP -22, lasts 80 seconds, +2 speed

Level 9: HP/MP -21, lasts 90 seconds, +2 speed

Level 10: HP/MP -20, lasts 100 seconds, +2 speed

Level 11: HP/MP -19, lasts 110 seconds, +2 speed

Level 12: HP/MP -18, lasts 120 seconds, +2 speed

Level 13: HP/MP -17, lasts 130 seconds, +2 speed

Level 14: HP/MP -16, lasts 140 seconds, +2 speed

Level 15: HP/MP -15, lasts 150 seconds, +2 speed

Level 16: HP/MP -14, lasts 160 seconds, +2 speed

Level 17: HP/MP -13, lasts 170 seconds, +2 speed

Level 18: HP/MP -12, lasts 180 seconds, +2 speed

Level 19: HP/MP -11, lasts 190 seconds, +2 speed

Level 20: HP/MP -10, lasts 200 seconds, +2 speed

____________________________________________________________________________________________   Dualers are like it says out in kms and there are lotsa vids on youtube. They also get new equips from quests i think called ninja masks. There’s a blue one, black one etc. They’re thief only and untradable. Here’s a level 21 semi-dualer fighting the shadow ninjas for a quest. Whom unsuprisingly are like boomers and firebombs and disperse at half hp.

As you can see the guy is using a dagger(triple tipped zamadar) and a blade. So apparently you can hold both weapons, i think they’ll make a new equip slot like they did with shoulderpads.  Here’s a pic of some dualers and semi-dualers at Seolhi(the job instructor girl)’s room. If you go on the site(maplestory.nexon.com) it says the full storline in korean.

Basically there was the original dark lord i think like the one in ellin forest, and he had a very bright student whom was learning the ways of the thief. This young man’s name was Jin (or could be Gin with a j sound). The dark lord at the time had a daughter named seolhi who loved Jin who all her heart. So forth, the great warrior of victoria island tristan                (whom is now dead and stuck in that one place) was looking for heroes to help kill the old balrog. He gathered many people and dark lord volunteered. The balrog cursed him and turned him into a savage beast. Jin the student knew he had to kill the “Dark Beast” before it ravaged and ate everyone on the island. so, therefore he killed the beast who was once the dark lord. seolhi enraged at seeing that Jin killed her father has been plotting revenge. so now, she is recruiting young rogues to kill Jin. (the now dark lord)  

So you can see their different masks.  Here are stats on a green mask. (level 30 by the way)

Level 40 one has 40 Mp and Hp and lvl 50 one has 50 and so on. They’re also like shadowers and night lords combined, because they have self-haste, mirror image(shadow partner), fatal blow( like savage blow except it hits 8 times max), and more NL skills mixed in. Also has a certain skill that increases party’s chance to hit critical.

Finally here’s a dualer pwning at FoG at lvl 49 with fatal blow.