Heya guys! 2nd successful prison guard turtle battle! and i actually managed to get some great screenies!

It has a atomic hammer like attack. about all his attacks deal over 1000 damage and so is his touch damage. The two red and blue crystals heal all your hp and mp if u stand there for a while. This is useful because of the potion cooldown.

It’s good to have alot of people in this battle since it has alot of HP and most people bail. Bishop using genesis. We had a bishop and an ice lightning arch mage. Priests and bishops are good because of heal and the potion cooldown.He also has that armor up thing and an attack that’s kinda like an ultimate, shooting flame eruptions out of the ground doing 1000+ damage. Right before he died he seduced everyone…..But he gave 13,896 exp. Beaten in 7 minutes. Up to 150 people can go on 1 run. After you defeat prison guard turtle you must talk to Luthen! He will give you a special box and you get a random prize after opening it. In my 2 runs so far i’ve gotten 100 elixers, and 50 power elixers. They are untradeable, and npcable for only 0 mesos. Good day to you all.