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Heya guys! 2nd successful prison guard turtle battle! and i actually managed to get some great screenies!

It has a atomic hammer like attack. about all his attacks deal over 1000 damage and so is his touch damage. The two red and blue crystals heal all your hp and mp if u stand there for a while. This is useful because of the potion cooldown.

It’s good to have alot of people in this battle since it has alot of HP and most people bail. Bishop using genesis. We had a bishop and an ice lightning arch mage. Priests and bishops are good because of heal and the potion cooldown.He also has that armor up thing and an attack that’s kinda like an ultimate, shooting flame eruptions out of the ground doing 1000+ damage. Right before he died he seduced everyone…..But he gave 13,896 exp. Beaten in 7 minutes. Up to 150 people can go on 1 run. After you defeat prison guard turtle you must talk to Luthen! He will give you a special box and you get a random prize after opening it. In my 2 runs so far i’ve gotten 100 elixers, and 50 power elixers. They are untradeable, and npcable for only 0 mesos. Good day to you all.


a new area has been released called LeonHeart castle. Well it’s in the data but not like released, released. ALL monster there are over level 114. The weakest monster is therefore 115. Here is a list of all the monsters and their stats.

GateKeeper Crocky

Level 115,Animal Type, 7,400,000 HP, 250k MP, Gives 167,972 EXP.

-Stats-10 speed, 5800 weapon attack, 5700 magic attack, 1k weapon defense, 950 magic defense, 169 avoid and accuracy.

-Special Statuses-Strong against Ice, Weak against fire

Extra comments: He looks constipated to me.


Level 118,Animal Type, 8,700,000 HP, 320k MP, Gives 194,742 exp.

-Stats-20 speed, 5890 weapon attack, 5750 magic attack, 1150 weapon defense, 1100 magic defense, 225 accuracy, and 169 avoid.

-Special Statuses-Strong Against ice

Extra comments: Nexon is running out of monster names. I mean come on, Reindeer? Really?

Blood Reindeer

Level 120, Animal Type, 9.2 million HP, 330k MP, gives 203,977 exp.

-Stats-20 speed, 6k weapon attack, 5.9k magic attack, 1k weapon defense, 1350 magic defense, 225 Acc/Avoid

-Special Statuses-Weak against Fire, Strong against ice

Extra Comments: It’s a red bull. or should i say Red deer?

Intelligent Manon

Level 120, Reptile Type, Boss, Exact same stats as normal manon.


Level 122, animal type, 9.6m hp, 360k mp, 210953 EXP

-Stats- Negative 20 speed,6050 Weapon attack, 1.2k weapon defense, 5.9k magic attack, 1150 magic defense, 169 accuracy, 225 avoid. Statuses-Like most Lionheart monsters it is weak against fire and strong against ice.

Grey Vulture

Level 125, Animal type, 10.5m HP, 380k MP, 227,676 EXP

-Stats-20 speed, 6120 weapon attack, 1k weapon defense, 5.9 magic attack, 1350 magic defense, 256 acc, 225 avoid.        -Statuses-Fire weak, ice strong                                                                                                                                                                                      Extra comments: A bird with wyvern wings copy-pasted on.

Castle golem

Level 127, Null Type, 12.5m HP, 450k, 268625 EXP.

Stats-Negative 50 speed, 6250 weapon attack, 1450 weapon defense, 6050 magic attack, 1350 magic defense, 225 accuracy, 169 avoid.

Statuses-Strong against fire,ice, and lightning. Poison does not effect this monster.This is the only monster in LeonHeart so far that is ice strong.

~Credits to spadow and insoya. Also on spadow’s latest post’s comments someone asked if the area will be ice ground since his background had Van leon on a el nath ice platform. It might actually be ice since all the monsters are ice resist. This area definitely has something to do in relation to the black mage. One of the NPCs named Luthen speaks about the black mage. Also some of the new items:THE FIRST ONE MIGHT LOOK FAMILIAR TO YA! Golden Hammer 50% A 50% chance to give your item 1 extra slot. It can only be used once on an item. The second is a bit more vague. THE FIVE COLOR ….POUCH. A small pouch made of five colors of fabric. If you double click it you may see it’s story. Probably has something to do with the leonheart castle story. Finally Leonardo riding 30 day coupon. Basically if you double-click it you get a riding skill lasting for 30 days.

whoops! meant to say RICHIE.  But anyways a new guild system has been installed and Gold Richie is here yet again! This time he has thrown away the compass and now it’s a different event everyday! But first I’ll show you the guild system just in case you didn’t see spadow’s blog!

The new guild windowWhen I logged on and clicked Guild Skills I saw that 2 were blue and had a guildie’s name on it. Meaning they used it and all guild members will have it. It requires massive amounts of mesos to upgrade. Level 2 for Accuracy/Avoid increase requires guild level 3 and 12.8 million mesos. I truthfully hope they decrease the price by alot. 12.8 million mesos for 4%+ avoid and accuracy? With the arrival of the resistance, the black mage strengthens his forces! Gold Richie has come with quests in order to fend off the black wings in Edelstein! Everyday he has a different quest for you! Wednesday’s quest is a boss catching quest. gold richie says that to slow down the black wing’s forces we must take down the main bosses! Today, slay faust and find a faust’s tail! The reward’s suck like crap. I got 2.6k exp. On monday, you must take the quest form gold richie in the fm and hunt for golden boxes from all monsters! They drop extremely commonly. Get 3 and give 1 to maple adminstrator, 1 to Gaga, and one to cassandra. You get more crap exp. On tuesdays in all maps a monster called Megrang will spawn. It is a fat tomato. Get it’s seeds for crap exp. On thursdays hunt monsters for 10 Purple monster crystals for Gaga the scientist’s research. On Fridays, Gaga is working on a secret weapon! HE LOST IT. Hunt for the key and give to Gaga. Now you may be thinking…CRAP EXP?! FUCK THIS! Well there’s a catch! If you do 1-3 you get exp. If you do 4-5 you get exp and pots! If you do 6/7 quests then you get exp,pots, AND a random scroll. If you do all 7 you can get exp,pots,fame, and 2 random scrolls.

Well not tespia but tespia sign ups.  I signed up and i hope i get in! The countdown was over….

Making the body…..

putting the 2 together……

Testing the things in the Prototype… The middle skill with 2 robots shoots a laser and everything between them gets hit. Door portal is like priest’s door except it’s at 2nd job. Healing robot is 3rd job now.

And testing the new skills with a dummy >:D The 4 skills in order: Gatling shot, Tank, booster, factory.

As i said i applied for tespia, i really want all these new classes to stop and for them to get on with the black mage >.< No offense to anyone but i found all 3 resistance to be a bit boring. :/ Even mechanics…Hrm. Well here’s the new login screen! And if i get into tespia i’ll probably post alot more! Cya!

The resistance have appeared into the maple world! The black wings have been terrorizing the town of Edelshutein for too long! We, the resistance shall protect the townsfolk! And a new world called cosmo is here also. nova, cosmo….I’m assuming since the patch is called big bang they are releasing worlds related to space. Also,there is a secondary login page that looks like this.the people on the right are the black wings and the people on the left are citizens or Edelshutein and the resistance. The teddy bear is the mechanic instructor. And of course there is the character creation screen. Unlike evan and aran you can pick different beginner clothes. You are a citizen of Edelshutein. You have friends and they wanna play hide and seek with you in the Dangerous rocky mount. o-o Since this game is 2D they’re pretty easy to find….Espicially when they’re looking straight at your face like the pic below. After you find them all you should be about level 2. But then some awkardness will happen in a bit. You find a cool place and go in, and then a woman named Belbity says: No! Don’t come any further! Erm…Does the girl in the thing in the middle have a tail? Before you can inspect further, black wings appears! Gerimere the black wings scientist and Swiller appear. You hide behind the board….They talk for a bit in the cutscene and then you break open the case thing. After you go out Belbity tells you some things and suddenly Swiller appears! A mysterious dude comes from a ladder and tells you “Grab on! hurry! He reveals himself to be “J”…..lol. The resistance get 5 sp when they advance to 1st job instead of one and can max all beginner skills. They have sneak(dark sight+nimble feet), Effeciency, and crystal throw. Battlemage’s teleport mastery level is 15. lol.

HEYA GUYS VOLT HERE! KMS has started the summer ice cooler event again! Last summer there was an awesome event where you can find mysterious ice boxes from monsters and if you open them you prizes! Prizes you can get are…..RED BEAN SUNDAE, WATERMELONS, ICE CREAM POPS, VARIOUS SURFBOARDS, VARIOUS FACE ICE CREAMS, and……*drumroll* A MUSHROOM MOUNT THAT LASTS 7 DAYS! XD now if i double click it…i gain this skill in my beginner skill inventory!

Also new: In Henesys pq: Instead of there being different colored seeds all seeds are now sugar coated and go anywhere. The monsters also now only come from the left middle and right middle instead of the upper areas also.

Kerning PQ: King slime now drops level 30 random equips and drops slime shoes more. The new kpq goes like this: Stage 1-Get coupons and give the pass to leader. There is no question now. Now Kloto will just tell you to get x amount of coupons. The most you will ever have to get is now 10 instead of 15. Stage 2-Hang on ropes and do trial and error. Stage 3-If you talk to the pink clothed exit npc she will give you a dog doll. If you drop the dog doll on one of the cat platforms it will do the thing for you and you can rest. Beware of noobs whom shall loot the dog. Stage 4-kill all the curse eyes in the map. No passes. just kill. Stage 5-Kill king slime. He drops lvl30 job equips, blue pots, orange pots, red pots, white pots, and slime shoes. KPQ like all other pqs is now 20-200. It is now possible with 3-6 people.

Ludi pq:  Stage 1-no passes anymore so no worries if your party member dies.  Kill all ratz then tell your leader to talk to the balloon. Stage 2-Trap room is removed. hit all boxes and pick up the passes. The passes will not go in your inventory but instead will just have a notice appear saying you now have x number of passes. Keep going til you have 10. Stage 3-Kill the dark eyes and shadow eyes. They now have very low hp and all attacks pwn all of them. Stage 4-133 221 333 123 111. Then go in and kill all the rombots in the room. GG lpq no longer requires a mage…or a archer….or a thief or a sin. lol. Then for stage 5 talk to the balloon and solve the math question. If the answer was perhaps 537 1 person would go on 5, another on 3, an another on 7. LPQ is now 3-6 people. The dog doll is in lpq also. Alishar now drops the following items: level 50 random equips, blue potions, white potions. Bonus stage was removed.

In LPQ its now easier to get to floor 101. Also i forgot to mention but you can also get ice picks from the coolers. Basically if you get 100 then go to inkwell he will trade the 100 picks for a exp pendant that last OMFG…..1 day…If you play 3 hours you get a 30% exp boost. In kms there are items called magic hourglasses which extend the expiration date by 10 days. Most people will use those to extend the pendants. 1k nx=10 days. 10k nx=100 days. Well I’ll be back when i get more news!~ For now, Jana!

Hello! Volt here.!~ After big bang more people are opqing now!~and kpqing…..and mpqing…and lpqing…and hpqing…i kpqed with a lv82 sader the other day and he 1HKO’d king slime! Now in party quests at the very end you can choose a box and a random prize comes up. Red king boxes contain special items like equips and most people race to click them!

and when opened……..Resistance Energy capsule is received from Cassandra when you reach level 20. This counts if you already are level 20+ also.  i really can’t make any sense of what it does but it has something to do with resistance’s secondary growth. Useable on 8/11/10. account transferable only. meaning not trade-able. If you look at this screenie here.

If you look closely at the 3rd cat thing there are sparkles! That shows where the first person should be! very useful now and kpq now takes shorter. Also another new kpq feature! If you talk to The exit npc on this cat stage she will give you a dog doll. If you drop it on one of the places it will kpq for you! and you can rest/go afk a bit! But, most kpqers don’t know about it and will loot it on sight! Also many new monsters and skill updates. All damage ranges have been boosted by a ton.

Fighter: Enrage is now 60% dmg bonus. Brave slash is 200%.

Spearman: Dark force(the jedi will be destroyed!): is now 30% defense reduction  not 60%. Dragon roar has 10 second cooldown when maxed. HP reduction for dragon roar is also only 5%. Polearm crusher damage reduced by 10%.

Cleric’s bless now increases 22 watk and matk.  Heal animation is brighter.

I/Ls and F/Ps: Teleport mastery which used to stun at a 100% rate now only stuns at 50% rate when passed through monsters….ㅠㅠ

Dual Masters: Hell chains now hit 10 times not 12. Final cut dmg reduced by 100%.

Corsairs: Battleship gives 20 watk maxed and Cannon now gives 20% critical.


Hey guys a new button was added but it’s greyed out at the moment.

As you can see it says skin change. Since it is greyed out no one knows what it does at the moment. It is greyed out in kmst also i think. It’s been there for a while and people have been wondering what it does! My speculation is that instead of skin as in black,white,pale, blue etc. it could mean the skin color or design of the boxes. In kmst the boxes for items and equips is currently black and shiny. Using the skin change button you might be able to make it red or yellow!

Hey guys, finished updating more info of the battlemages! Seems new towns are now in the data. Edelstein and Leven mine. My speculation or idea about the story is this:

The resistance were trainees of the black mage, but after discovering his true plans they rebeled and subdued him. Then, ran away and honed their skills.  Now, they created a civilization called Edelstein and raised a city and train people in Leven mine to overthrow the black mage.

Edelstein: Leven Mine Icon: Now I’ll get to posing more skills! Quad Blow! As the name suggests you must have maxed triple blow and it hits 4 Times. When it is maxed it hits up to 6 enemies, uses 28 MP, and does 240% damage.

Dark chain is a cool flashy skill that summons a dark chain(NO DUH) from a secret realm and pulls up to 6 monsters to you. Once the monsters are pulled  you hit damage and stun them for a certain amount of time! When maxed it uses 24 mp, does 70% damage and stuns the enemy for…..GASP! 2 seconds….In motion under this.

4 Buffs in 2nd Job: In 2nd job the battlemage receives 4 Buff skills! They are in the following order: Blue Aura, Yellow Aura, Blood drain and staff booster. The skill icons are on the right of the picture of dark chain. Blue Aura is another of the aura series! It is very useful and like all auras is a party buff. All party members absorb 30% of the dmg received and all party members damage is divided by 30% i think. Yellow aura increases speed by summoning a light from a spirit. When maxed gives 20 speed and 1 attack to all party members. Blood Drain when maxed uses 66 MP and makes 4% of the damage received into recovered HP. The last buff is booster which increases attack speed.

Alright! Onto 3rd job now!


The ones in the left coulumn going down are advanced blue aura, staff mastery, and Death blow. Middle is Revive, and going down on the right coulumn are Dark lightning, Conversion, and superbody.  First i’ll explain Revive. Revive gives a chance for the monster to become a reaper when it dies. The reaper will like a summon pwn monsters for you, but unlike a summon it can move by itself and not follow you. When maxed they will last 90 seconds and there’s a 20% chance a monster will be turned into a reaper! Those are some pics but i gotta go so I’ll post more later!

The resistance

The resistance are a new branch job of 2 classes: Battlemage( a close combat magic using job), and Wild Hunter(A ranged crossbowman with a handy jaguar companion). BMs can only use staves and they have staff mastery and staff booster. While most of spadow’s posts are based on his wild hunter, mine are more biased on battlemages. Which i think are cooler. Now first off, the resistance have 3 beginner skills basically the normal skills just with different names and animations. Crystal throw can get a crystal mined from mines and you throw it at an enemy.

Infiltrate: Dark sight+Nimble feet pretty much. When maxed you can up your speed by 15 and hide for 30 seconds.

Efficiency: Basically what this does is heals you for a certain amount.

A battlemage advances at levels 10,30,70,120 like adventurers and aran. As i said before they use staves. They will be also particularly useful in parties and boss runs because of their auras which buff the party. 1st job they get 4 skills: Triple blow,teleport, finish attack, dark aura. Triple blow lashes at the enemy and hits the enemy 3 times when maxed. It can mob up to 6 monsters. Mastery level is 20 and when maxed it hits 60% damage. Finish attack sends a sawtooth wheel hurdling towards the enemy. Hits up to 6 enemies and when maxed basic damage is 30. mastery level is 10, attack depends on the move used last. 😛

Yes,yes and you all know what teleport does…It obviously teleports…Dark aura is the first aura skill you get. It increase attack by summoning dark aura from a evil spirit. Uses 30 mp and when maxed increases damage by 10%. In 2nd job you receive 2 more auras and 2 new main attacking skills. So tune in next time for 2nd and 3rd job skills!

Credits to insoya, nessy, aristo, and all of ellin fer ther support.