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a new area has been released called LeonHeart castle. Well it’s in the data but not like released, released. ALL monster there are over level 114. The weakest monster is therefore 115. Here is a list of all the monsters and their stats.

GateKeeper Crocky

Level 115,Animal Type, 7,400,000 HP, 250k MP, Gives 167,972 EXP.

-Stats-10 speed, 5800 weapon attack, 5700 magic attack, 1k weapon defense, 950 magic defense, 169 avoid and accuracy.

-Special Statuses-Strong against Ice, Weak against fire

Extra comments: He looks constipated to me.


Level 118,Animal Type, 8,700,000 HP, 320k MP, Gives 194,742 exp.

-Stats-20 speed, 5890 weapon attack, 5750 magic attack, 1150 weapon defense, 1100 magic defense, 225 accuracy, and 169 avoid.

-Special Statuses-Strong Against ice

Extra comments: Nexon is running out of monster names. I mean come on, Reindeer? Really?

Blood Reindeer

Level 120, Animal Type, 9.2 million HP, 330k MP, gives 203,977 exp.

-Stats-20 speed, 6k weapon attack, 5.9k magic attack, 1k weapon defense, 1350 magic defense, 225 Acc/Avoid

-Special Statuses-Weak against Fire, Strong against ice

Extra Comments: It’s a red bull. or should i say Red deer?

Intelligent Manon

Level 120, Reptile Type, Boss, Exact same stats as normal manon.


Level 122, animal type, 9.6m hp, 360k mp, 210953 EXP

-Stats- Negative 20 speed,6050 Weapon attack, 1.2k weapon defense, 5.9k magic attack, 1150 magic defense, 169 accuracy, 225 avoid. Statuses-Like most Lionheart monsters it is weak against fire and strong against ice.

Grey Vulture

Level 125, Animal type, 10.5m HP, 380k MP, 227,676 EXP

-Stats-20 speed, 6120 weapon attack, 1k weapon defense, 5.9 magic attack, 1350 magic defense, 256 acc, 225 avoid.        -Statuses-Fire weak, ice strong                                                                                                                                                                                      Extra comments: A bird with wyvern wings copy-pasted on.

Castle golem

Level 127, Null Type, 12.5m HP, 450k, 268625 EXP.

Stats-Negative 50 speed, 6250 weapon attack, 1450 weapon defense, 6050 magic attack, 1350 magic defense, 225 accuracy, 169 avoid.

Statuses-Strong against fire,ice, and lightning. Poison does not effect this monster.This is the only monster in LeonHeart so far that is ice strong.

~Credits to spadow and insoya. Also on spadow’s latest post’s comments someone asked if the area will be ice ground since his background had Van leon on a el nath ice platform. It might actually be ice since all the monsters are ice resist. This area definitely has something to do in relation to the black mage. One of the NPCs named Luthen speaks about the black mage. Also some of the new items:THE FIRST ONE MIGHT LOOK FAMILIAR TO YA! Golden Hammer 50% A 50% chance to give your item 1 extra slot. It can only be used once on an item. The second is a bit more vague. THE FIVE COLOR ….POUCH. A small pouch made of five colors of fabric. If you double click it you may see it’s story. Probably has something to do with the leonheart castle story. Finally Leonardo riding 30 day coupon. Basically if you double-click it you get a riding skill lasting for 30 days.


Well not tespia but tespia sign ups.  I signed up and i hope i get in! The countdown was over….

Making the body…..

putting the 2 together……

Testing the things in the Prototype… The middle skill with 2 robots shoots a laser and everything between them gets hit. Door portal is like priest’s door except it’s at 2nd job. Healing robot is 3rd job now.

And testing the new skills with a dummy >:D The 4 skills in order: Gatling shot, Tank, booster, factory.

As i said i applied for tespia, i really want all these new classes to stop and for them to get on with the black mage >.< No offense to anyone but i found all 3 resistance to be a bit boring. :/ Even mechanics…Hrm. Well here’s the new login screen! And if i get into tespia i’ll probably post alot more! Cya!

Heya guyz! Mecchies were released in kmst and i got some skill info and background stuff on them. The resistance are fighting the black wings whom are reviving the black mage and letting him gain more power. Outnumbered they call the reinforcement………..THE MECHANIC! IN OTHER WORDS…they called this guy….

JUST KIDDING! I don’t have a pic of him but he had white hair. In 1st job they get a skill called “Metal prototype” which lets them ride a robot. Metal prototype-Master level=10. At lvl10-It uses 50 mp, and gives 500 mp/hp, 20 attack, and 400 weapon defense. Nice boost and sexy robot. Your new atacking skill: Flame launcher is pretty nice.

From what i know you can hold it down and release i think. At level 20 it hits 6 monsters, 75% dmg and for 8 seconds does DoT. Requires at least 10 gatling gun. Gatling gun is a cool skill which is a gun that gatles. Max level is 15 and it hits  70% dmg 4 times. This will be your main attacking/fighting skill. You can max all your skills in 1st job due to 5 sp when u advance to 1st. Oh and finally you get booster which requires 1 point in prototype.

2nd job skills

Mechanic mastery: Guess they ran out of creative symbols…50% mastery,20 attack, 60 accuracy at level 20.

Robot Punch!: Pfft falcon pawnch was so 3 years ago…fire your fist to temporarily stun an enemy and do damage.

When maxed, hits 6 monsters 420 damage, 20% more critical and 3 second stun!

Now i forgot to mention this but mechanics have a Load of summons that attack and support you. The first summon you will get is Healing robot-H-LX.

At max it heals 25% hp over 50 seconds and something with dmg.  You’ll get a ton of more summons in 3rd job too.

Perfect Armor. Obviously as the name states, Metal armor 30% and a chance for 500% dmg reflection. Really useful. Requires 10 prototype which you should have maxed since you get 65 sp in 1st job and you cant go to 2nd job without maxing all skills. It is not a party buff obviously.

Open Gate-Gx-9: Gx-9, huh? That sounds mighty familiar……Well Basically…Install a gate and open it. You can install up to 2 gates. If the gate is too far it won’t work. Pretty simple right? Kind of like priest’s mystic door. however the actual gate kinda creeps me out for some reason

The last skill: Drill rush, at max hits 8 monsters 400% damage.

There are also equips for the robot of course! They are engine, machine arm, machine leg, body frame, and transistor. The copper equips are lvl50, the bronze ones are lv70, iron are 85, gold are 100, and pure are 120. Here are some videos of mechanic!

That’s all i have for now! cyaz!