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Hello! Volt here.!~ After big bang more people are opqing now!~and kpqing…..and mpqing…and lpqing…and hpqing…i kpqed with a lv82 sader the other day and he 1HKO’d king slime! Now in party quests at the very end you can choose a box and a random prize comes up. Red king boxes contain special items like equips and most people race to click them!

and when opened……..Resistance Energy capsule is received from Cassandra when you reach level 20. This counts if you already are level 20+ also.  i really can’t make any sense of what it does but it has something to do with resistance’s secondary growth. Useable on 8/11/10. account transferable only. meaning not trade-able. If you look at this screenie here.

If you look closely at the 3rd cat thing there are sparkles! That shows where the first person should be! very useful now and kpq now takes shorter. Also another new kpq feature! If you talk to The exit npc on this cat stage she will give you a dog doll. If you drop it on one of the places it will kpq for you! and you can rest/go afk a bit! But, most kpqers don’t know about it and will loot it on sight! Also many new monsters and skill updates. All damage ranges have been boosted by a ton.

Fighter: Enrage is now 60% dmg bonus. Brave slash is 200%.

Spearman: Dark force(the jedi will be destroyed!): is now 30% defense reduction  not 60%. Dragon roar has 10 second cooldown when maxed. HP reduction for dragon roar is also only 5%. Polearm crusher damage reduced by 10%.

Cleric’s bless now increases 22 watk and matk.  Heal animation is brighter.

I/Ls and F/Ps: Teleport mastery which used to stun at a 100% rate now only stuns at 50% rate when passed through monsters….ㅠㅠ

Dual Masters: Hell chains now hit 10 times not 12. Final cut dmg reduced by 100%.

Corsairs: Battleship gives 20 watk maxed and Cannon now gives 20% critical.



Hey guys i’m back! Maplestory nexon’s 7th anniversery is drawing near. So there is currently an awesome event quest. In this said quest you shall receive a seven king star. Hold it for 45 minutes to receive one orange star stamp! Get 10 stamps to receive a secret item! I have one so far…

Also because it is the korean mini-holiday “black day” nexon is hosting yet another love event! Looks like Cassandra has a boyfriend! Make Jjajamyeon(black bean paste noodles) by getting 10 ingredients. If you are level 10-29 you must get 10 “lonely flour”, if you are level 30-69 you will need to get 10 “black beans”.  Once u turn it in and receive nice exp( the exp differs from level to level. It gave me 10% at level 36.) you will receive Solo army jjajamyeon you must give it to a given npc. I had to give it to Marcel and i got 20k exp.

Also check the archive of items for new updates. As i update it every day check it always good bye!