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The resistance have appeared into the maple world! The black wings have been terrorizing the town of Edelshutein for too long! We, the resistance shall protect the townsfolk! And a new world called cosmo is here also. nova, cosmo….I’m assuming since the patch is called big bang they are releasing worlds related to space. Also,there is a secondary login page that looks like this.the people on the right are the black wings and the people on the left are citizens or Edelshutein and the resistance. The teddy bear is the mechanic instructor. And of course there is the character creation screen. Unlike evan and aran you can pick different beginner clothes. You are a citizen of Edelshutein. You have friends and they wanna play hide and seek with you in the Dangerous rocky mount. o-o Since this game is 2D they’re pretty easy to find….Espicially when they’re looking straight at your face like the pic below. After you find them all you should be about level 2. But then some awkardness will happen in a bit. You find a cool place and go in, and then a woman named Belbity says: No! Don’t come any further! Erm…Does the girl in the thing in the middle have a tail? Before you can inspect further, black wings appears! Gerimere the black wings scientist and Swiller appear. You hide behind the board….They talk for a bit in the cutscene and then you break open the case thing. After you go out Belbity tells you some things and suddenly Swiller appears! A mysterious dude comes from a ladder and tells you “Grab on! hurry! He reveals himself to be “J”…..lol. The resistance get 5 sp when they advance to 1st job instead of one and can max all beginner skills. They have sneak(dark sight+nimble feet), Effeciency, and crystal throw. Battlemage’s teleport mastery level is 15. lol.


Hello! Volt here.!~ After big bang more people are opqing now!~and kpqing…..and mpqing…and lpqing…and hpqing…i kpqed with a lv82 sader the other day and he 1HKO’d king slime! Now in party quests at the very end you can choose a box and a random prize comes up. Red king boxes contain special items like equips and most people race to click them!

and when opened……..Resistance Energy capsule is received from Cassandra when you reach level 20. This counts if you already are level 20+ also.  i really can’t make any sense of what it does but it has something to do with resistance’s secondary growth. Useable on 8/11/10. account transferable only. meaning not trade-able. If you look at this screenie here.

If you look closely at the 3rd cat thing there are sparkles! That shows where the first person should be! very useful now and kpq now takes shorter. Also another new kpq feature! If you talk to The exit npc on this cat stage she will give you a dog doll. If you drop it on one of the places it will kpq for you! and you can rest/go afk a bit! But, most kpqers don’t know about it and will loot it on sight! Also many new monsters and skill updates. All damage ranges have been boosted by a ton.

Fighter: Enrage is now 60% dmg bonus. Brave slash is 200%.

Spearman: Dark force(the jedi will be destroyed!): is now 30% defense reduction  not 60%. Dragon roar has 10 second cooldown when maxed. HP reduction for dragon roar is also only 5%. Polearm crusher damage reduced by 10%.

Cleric’s bless now increases 22 watk and matk.  Heal animation is brighter.

I/Ls and F/Ps: Teleport mastery which used to stun at a 100% rate now only stuns at 50% rate when passed through monsters….ㅠㅠ

Dual Masters: Hell chains now hit 10 times not 12. Final cut dmg reduced by 100%.

Corsairs: Battleship gives 20 watk maxed and Cannon now gives 20% critical.


Heya guys! and welcome to part 2 of the patch post! Resistance shall epic-ly come out on….JULY 22 2010! in other words in about 13 days.  Like for when dualers and evans were about to come out the resistance box is there greyed out. Translated it says: Resistance coming soon! Leveling speed: 2, 2 potential, 3 freedom and 2 difficulty. Maximum level is 200.

A new world has been released. If you reach level 70 within the time limit in the server “Nova” then you can  obtain the Nova Bandana. But, since there’ll be 2x exp and drop in this server for a while i don’t think it’ll be that hard…..also if you job advance in nova you get a prize from teo.  The nova dana has 18 all stats, 10 hands, 25 avoid/acc, and 180 weapon and magic defense. Seeing as there are already 2nd jobbers 200 might take less than  a month. Here’s what the nova dana looks like. There has also been town extensions. For example there are now maps leading from Nautilus port to Florina beach. There are many monsters in between. And 1 new monster. This new guy is called blue ribbon pig.

They drop blue ribbons which are 100 mesos per ribbon and give decent exp. These could be an alternative for the lv11 stirges. Also here is the new map of victoria island. I will explain each section roughly.The middle part with the 2 boats is called Port Road: 6 pathways. From there you can get to sleepywood, henesys, ellinia, nautilus, perion, both boats, lith harbor, and kerning city! for sleepywood if you go to the middle portal it takes you directly to sleepy with no monster maps in between. For kerning city the kerning hunting spots are in the swamp and the subway. Go into the subway next to shumi and go in the portal and choose the first option to go in the subway like normal. Then after 1 or 2 maps there should be another portal in the right top corner that leads to the swamp. In the swamp is a new mudball monster. In subway area stirges(lv11) are now insane exp. At low levels they could help you powerlevel  with 2x exp. At level 48 it gave me 0.02%…… And in nautilus if you look at the map there are 4 naut hunting maps. 2 outside, 2 inside. The outside ones all have orange mushrooms and pigs. Now the inner ones you must get to by going all the way right in nautilus port and going in the new portal! Power B. Fore is in the first inner one and it’s filled with pigs. The 2nd one is covered in blue ribbon pigs which as i mentioned are good exp.

in henesys: The portal before mush kingdom and then one right before that and the one 2 after henesys all lead to mushmoms. The one before mushkingdom, then going straight is zombie mushmom and zombie mushies. The one before is mushdad and the one 2 before is mushmom normal.  Mushmom normal is level 15. now haven’t explored other towns yet but for sleepywood to continue to the hunting maps you MUST BE LVL 50+. Also new, if you hover over a yellow dot it tells you what monsters and npcs are there!

Idk if its a glitch but it still has christmas tree lol! Here is the new ereb/orbis boat entrances. It’s in the middle of port road. Also a picture of the henesys entrance to PR.

The new henesys is more compact, cleaner, and nicer. Maya’s house is still thar. Part 3 will be posted Tomorow!

Heya guys! In maple there is a new quest related to “Earth Day”!  The quest is called Maple World enviroment research.  The quest is called Enviromental Research project. Quest info:  Omega Sector’s Dr.Kim has assigned casssandra a mission, the maple world enviroment research project! However casandra is too lazy so she is telling me to write the research project for her…Even though you probably don’t care, is it okay if you show at least some interest in helping with the project?  You must get 5 enviroment research samples from monsters and 1 enviroment report. I don’t know how to get the report. Well i also get some cool pics of me and some stuff!

Three tigers in one map! It just looked really cool

And two pics of me using self-haste and booster at the same time almost. its cool

As seen from my last post, i found the late dark lord’s diary. In it was a crucial part to the story. Here on this post i will read the pages of his diary to you.

(I open the book and start to read the story.)

-XXXX Year, XX Month, XX Day.

Master has dissapeared…3 days ago Master received a message from Tristan and went to the temple which had received a curse. It seems seulhi worries alot about Master who has not returned. Therefore, i have been thinking about going to the cursed temple where Master might be. When I just about reached the entrance to the temple, a hideous chill went up my spine when i heard the loud roar coming closer…

Page 2-

I jumped down into the temple to the darkness of the wicked red eyes filled with a monster with a hideous face whom said this. Master, i haven’t seen your face anywhere before. The monster started to attack me right as he looked at me, all my strength had prevailed and I was successful… But soon that fallen monster…changed his appearance into Master!

I tried to heal master’s wounds, but then i heard a familiar favorite voice coming of my teacher, “I thank you for setting my soul which the balrog had captured free…I have a request for you for kerning city and my seulhi…also…Let us keep my job and what we have done here a secret. Even if it is for a moment only that the demon’s soul is released it would be impossible for you to forgive me…”  With that last word he died.

I will fulfill my master’s last will, i will keep this story in my heart for eternity. Master’s secret will be in this diary forever…



here are some awesome pics of a guy using flying assaulter.

Also new, there is a new medal for monster carnival 1. If you get 150 wins in monster carnival 1 then you receive the Carnival winner medal. I’m going to try to get it since it’s +2 all stats and some other useful stats.

Dualer to slasher to master, 2 weapons?!

Woooo huzzzzah! Dualers came out in tespia a few hours ago! Now i guess information about it will be a bit more accurate and stuff. A lot of information was found out about the new mysterious job……For example! A teaser video was released on the kms site and new wallpapers. The teaser video is on youtube for now and maple-news.com. According to the video the job can use 1 dagger and 1 blade. My guess is that like with shoulderpads they’ll add a new equip slot in the equip window.  Also, another thing i noticed is that they have very unstable damage in my opinion. In the video when the guy attacks with a savage blow like thing the damage things that came out were: 5030 dmg, 20358 dmg, 17316 dmg, and 3k something dmg. Here’s the video:

Also i found a few second job skills for dualer! They are triple stab, blade booster, and blade mastery.

Blade mastery: Master level 20, Passive, Increases the mastery with the blade, also with training increases accuracy.

Level 1: Mastery-15%, Accuracy 1

Level 2: Mastery-15%, Accuracy 2

Level 3: Mastery-20%, Accuracy 3

Level 4: Mastery-20%, Accuracy 4

Level 5: Mastery-25%, Accuracy 5

Level 6: Mastery-25%, Accuracy 6

Level 7: Mastery-30%, Accuracy 7

Level 8: Mastery-30%, Accuracy 8

Level 9: Mastery-35%, Accuracy 9

Level 10: Mastery-35%, Accuracy 10

Level 11: Mastery-40%, Accuracy 11

Level 12: Mastery-40%, Accuracy 12

Level 13: Mastery-45%, Accuracy 13

Level 14: Mastery-45%, Accuracy 14

Level 15: Mastery-50%, Accuracy 15

Level 16: Mastery-50%, Accuracy 16

Level 17: Mastery-55%, Accuracy 17

Level 18: Mastery-55%, Accuracy 18

Level 19: Mastery-60%, Accuracy 19

Level 20: Mastery-60%, Accuracy 20


Triple Stab:  [master level 20] Damages the enemy three times in a row. Requires level 10 double stab.

Level 1: Uses 16 MP and does 155% damage

Level 2: Uses 16 MP and does 160% damage

Level 3: Uses 16 MP and does 165% damage

Level 4: Uses 16 MP and does 170% damage

Level 5: Uses 16 MP and does 175% damage

Level 6: Uses 18 MP and does 180% damage

Level 7: Uses 18 MP and does 185% damage

Level 8: Uses 18 MP and does 190% damage

Level 9: Uses 18 MP and does 195% damage

Level 10: Uses 18 MP and does 200% damage

____________________________________________________________________________________________  Blade booster: Increases speed of dagger by using hp and mp. Master level is 20. Needs level 5 mastery.

Level 1: HP/MP -29, lasts 10 seconds, +2 speed

Level 2: HP/MP -28, lasts 20 seconds, +2 speed

Level 3: HP/MP -27, lasts 30 seconds, +2 speed

Level 4: HP/MP -26, lasts 40 seconds, +2 speed

Level 5: HP/MP -25, lasts 50 seconds, +2 speed

Level 6: HP/MP -24, lasts 60 seconds, +2 speed

Level 7: HP/MP -23, lasts 70 seconds, +2 speed

Level 8: HP/MP -22, lasts 80 seconds, +2 speed

Level 9: HP/MP -21, lasts 90 seconds, +2 speed

Level 10: HP/MP -20, lasts 100 seconds, +2 speed

Level 11: HP/MP -19, lasts 110 seconds, +2 speed

Level 12: HP/MP -18, lasts 120 seconds, +2 speed

Level 13: HP/MP -17, lasts 130 seconds, +2 speed

Level 14: HP/MP -16, lasts 140 seconds, +2 speed

Level 15: HP/MP -15, lasts 150 seconds, +2 speed

Level 16: HP/MP -14, lasts 160 seconds, +2 speed

Level 17: HP/MP -13, lasts 170 seconds, +2 speed

Level 18: HP/MP -12, lasts 180 seconds, +2 speed

Level 19: HP/MP -11, lasts 190 seconds, +2 speed

Level 20: HP/MP -10, lasts 200 seconds, +2 speed

____________________________________________________________________________________________   Dualers are like it says out in kms and there are lotsa vids on youtube. They also get new equips from quests i think called ninja masks. There’s a blue one, black one etc. They’re thief only and untradable. Here’s a level 21 semi-dualer fighting the shadow ninjas for a quest. Whom unsuprisingly are like boomers and firebombs and disperse at half hp.

As you can see the guy is using a dagger(triple tipped zamadar) and a blade. So apparently you can hold both weapons, i think they’ll make a new equip slot like they did with shoulderpads.  Here’s a pic of some dualers and semi-dualers at Seolhi(the job instructor girl)’s room. If you go on the site(maplestory.nexon.com) it says the full storline in korean.

Basically there was the original dark lord i think like the one in ellin forest, and he had a very bright student whom was learning the ways of the thief. This young man’s name was Jin (or could be Gin with a j sound). The dark lord at the time had a daughter named seolhi who loved Jin who all her heart. So forth, the great warrior of victoria island tristan                (whom is now dead and stuck in that one place) was looking for heroes to help kill the old balrog. He gathered many people and dark lord volunteered. The balrog cursed him and turned him into a savage beast. Jin the student knew he had to kill the “Dark Beast” before it ravaged and ate everyone on the island. so, therefore he killed the beast who was once the dark lord. seolhi enraged at seeing that Jin killed her father has been plotting revenge. so now, she is recruiting young rogues to kill Jin. (the now dark lord)  

So you can see their different masks.  Here are stats on a green mask. (level 30 by the way)

Level 40 one has 40 Mp and Hp and lvl 50 one has 50 and so on. They’re also like shadowers and night lords combined, because they have self-haste, mirror image(shadow partner), fatal blow( like savage blow except it hits 8 times max), and more NL skills mixed in. Also has a certain skill that increases party’s chance to hit critical.

Finally here’s a dualer pwning at FoG at lvl 49 with fatal blow.