whoops! meant to say RICHIE. ┬áBut anyways a new guild system has been installed and Gold Richie is here yet again! This time he has thrown away the compass and now it’s a different event everyday! But first I’ll show you the guild system just in case you didn’t see spadow’s blog!

The new guild windowWhen I logged on and clicked Guild Skills I saw that 2 were blue and had a guildie’s name on it. Meaning they used it and all guild members will have it. It requires massive amounts of mesos to upgrade. Level 2 for Accuracy/Avoid increase requires guild level 3 and 12.8 million mesos. I truthfully hope they decrease the price by alot. 12.8 million mesos for 4%+ avoid and accuracy? With the arrival of the resistance, the black mage strengthens his forces! Gold Richie has come with quests in order to fend off the black wings in Edelstein! Everyday he has a different quest for you! Wednesday’s quest is a boss catching quest. gold richie says that to slow down the black wing’s forces we must take down the main bosses! Today, slay faust and find a faust’s tail! The reward’s suck like crap. I got 2.6k exp. On monday, you must take the quest form gold richie in the fm and hunt for golden boxes from all monsters! They drop extremely commonly. Get 3 and give 1 to maple adminstrator, 1 to Gaga, and one to cassandra. You get more crap exp. On tuesdays in all maps a monster called Megrang will spawn. It is a fat tomato. Get it’s seeds for crap exp. On thursdays hunt monsters for 10 Purple monster crystals for Gaga the scientist’s research. On Fridays, Gaga is working on a secret weapon! HE LOST IT. Hunt for the key and give to Gaga. Now you may be thinking…CRAP EXP?! FUCK THIS! Well there’s a catch! If you do 1-3 you get exp. If you do 4-5 you get exp and pots! If you do 6/7 quests then you get exp,pots, AND a random scroll. If you do all 7 you can get exp,pots,fame, and 2 random scrolls.