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HEYA GUYS VOLT HERE! KMS has started the summer ice cooler event again! Last summer there was an awesome event where you can find mysterious ice boxes from monsters and if you open them you prizes! Prizes you can get are…..RED BEAN SUNDAE, WATERMELONS, ICE CREAM POPS, VARIOUS SURFBOARDS, VARIOUS FACE ICE CREAMS, and……*drumroll* A MUSHROOM MOUNT THAT LASTS 7 DAYS! XD now if i double click it…i gain this skill in my beginner skill inventory!

Also new: In Henesys pq: Instead of there being different colored seeds all seeds are now sugar coated and go anywhere. The monsters also now only come from the left middle and right middle instead of the upper areas also.

Kerning PQ: King slime now drops level 30 random equips and drops slime shoes more. The new kpq goes like this: Stage 1-Get coupons and give the pass to leader. There is no question now. Now Kloto will just tell you to get x amount of coupons. The most you will ever have to get is now 10 instead of 15. Stage 2-Hang on ropes and do trial and error. Stage 3-If you talk to the pink clothed exit npc she will give you a dog doll. If you drop the dog doll on one of the cat platforms it will do the thing for you and you can rest. Beware of noobs whom shall loot the dog. Stage 4-kill all the curse eyes in the map. No passes. just kill. Stage 5-Kill king slime. He drops lvl30 job equips, blue pots, orange pots, red pots, white pots, and slime shoes. KPQ like all other pqs is now 20-200. It is now possible with 3-6 people.

Ludi pq:  Stage 1-no passes anymore so no worries if your party member dies.  Kill all ratz then tell your leader to talk to the balloon. Stage 2-Trap room is removed. hit all boxes and pick up the passes. The passes will not go in your inventory but instead will just have a notice appear saying you now have x number of passes. Keep going til you have 10. Stage 3-Kill the dark eyes and shadow eyes. They now have very low hp and all attacks pwn all of them. Stage 4-133 221 333 123 111. Then go in and kill all the rombots in the room. GG lpq no longer requires a mage…or a archer….or a thief or a sin. lol. Then for stage 5 talk to the balloon and solve the math question. If the answer was perhaps 537 1 person would go on 5, another on 3, an another on 7. LPQ is now 3-6 people. The dog doll is in lpq also. Alishar now drops the following items: level 50 random equips, blue potions, white potions. Bonus stage was removed.

In LPQ its now easier to get to floor 101. Also i forgot to mention but you can also get ice picks from the coolers. Basically if you get 100 then go to inkwell he will trade the 100 picks for a exp pendant that last OMFG…..1 day…If you play 3 hours you get a 30% exp boost. In kms there are items called magic hourglasses which extend the expiration date by 10 days. Most people will use those to extend the pendants. 1k nx=10 days. 10k nx=100 days. Well I’ll be back when i get more news!~ For now, Jana!


Tiger catch! and party quest changed

Hello people, inmates, frogs, uncles, cats, mothers, zombies and all you people who play maplestory and want to be know about korean maple. The layout form of henesys party quest and kerning party quest and probably others have changed! For henesys party quest the bonus stage layout has changed. There are no portals with yellow arrows now isntead there are extra platforms to jump onto and ropes.  In kerning party quest 4th stage the upped platforms have been removed and replaced with hills.

kerning pq has hills where u can just walk instead of jump, hpq platform gaps are shorter and ropes are there to help you get up.

Tiger event and npc’s valentine? Tiger event is a quest where you must get a camera from cassandra and look for a certain tiger( the kinda chubby one from hpq except u always miss on it) in towns and places and double click the camera when near it to take a picture of it. then wait 30-60 minutes for the picture to show and turn it in to cassandra to receive one Tiger’s toenail, a shoulderpad item for all jobs, gives +2 all stats. (in the items archive.)

Also new a i finally got a scooter mount from doing the new event quest! 😀   (see item archive for stats) I got it from completing a quest where you get 10 year of 2010 scrolls.

The valentines day quests are also in kms too, i did the quest and got 1 fame and exp then received a new quest from cassandra. She likes gaga so wants you to send some chocolate to him~ (aww how nice) you get chocolate basket.


Hey guys! Evan came out today and i just wanted to share my evan experience with you!

So excited for evan i logged in and went to the log in screen. It changed for the 2nd time this month!http://img189.imageshack.us/img189/7816/maple0000ui.jpg

I made an evan and i made the name evanknight38.
So you start out in a place called Inside my dream? Well your dreaming
and your character says what is this place, how do i get out of here?
And after walking you see a big black dragon that looks like this:http://yfrog.com/5fmaple0001fxj

You wake up and wonder what that was about. You notice a mark on your hand:http://yfrog.com/5fmaple0003fj
Your mom calls you and you go to utah and do some quests.  Later you have to deliver lunch to your dad.(Gird) Apparently there were so many evans i thought the server would crash. Utah gives you a weapon called Pig hitting stick. (wtf?) People were lvling every 2 seconds. here’s a pic a the mass load of evans:http://yfrog.com/1smaple0004j
And heres one of 3 people leveling simmutaneously:http://yfrog.com/5amaple0005qj
Then your dad tells you to inspect the Hole in the forest. you go there. When you fall into the map it is NOT a glitch. 5 seconds later therell be a cutscene with you finding the egg with the gedwey ignasia on it. http://yfrog.com/jcmaple0006j
Go back to get some exp. While in utahs farm i found a cool looking pig that was drinking vodka so i decide to join the pig. http://yfrog.com/5fmaple0007tj
When you reach lvl 10 you automatically get a dragon. It will give quests to you and etc. One of the first quests it gives you is to get 10 pieces of bacon cuz its hungry. Later it asks for sum milk.  Well you know the maha charm quest? Theres one with evan and its just like it. heres the item u wait 1 hour with:http://yfrog.com/1smaple0008j
There are 2 evan 1st job skills. Magic Missile and Dragon Soul.
Dragon Soul boosts your magic attack.
DS:Lvl 1:+1 magic
DS:lvl 20:+20 magic
Magic missile is same as magic claw. Heres a pic:http://yfrog.com/5fmaple0009rj

Now a few lvls later you must go to chief stan and get him 20 mush caps. Then talk to Power B. Fore and he’ll tell you to kill 50 cynical mush, then 80 cynicals, then 150 Weird looking gigantic kung fu shrooms. Then you have to kill 150 ribbon pigs.
Kung fu shrooms:http://yfrog.com/1smaple0011j

Finally the last thing that happend before i had to go.
In kms monsters drop xmas boxes. If you open themm you get socks, pots, or a special Trojan horse mount! Lvl 0+! 
The first several boxes i got a sock,and 3 pots, but on my fifth box i got a trojan mount!
They expire in 3 days. which is called too bad.

Recently i got to lvl 18 and went to kill blue mushrooms for a quest. While walking i found another strange monster

weeping blue mushroom. Has same stats as blue mush.

Also i did the quest where you get 5 red giftboxes for rudolph and got a band aid that looks like a scroll.

It says 60% so its obvious a scroll, now i just need to translate wat kind of scroll…i think its overall but im not sure.