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Heya guyz! Mecchies were released in kmst and i got some skill info and background stuff on them. The resistance are fighting the black wings whom are reviving the black mage and letting him gain more power. Outnumbered they call the reinforcement………..THE MECHANIC! IN OTHER WORDS…they called this guy….

JUST KIDDING! I don’t have a pic of him but he had white hair. In 1st job they get a skill called “Metal prototype” which lets them ride a robot. Metal prototype-Master level=10. At lvl10-It uses 50 mp, and gives 500 mp/hp, 20 attack, and 400 weapon defense. Nice boost and sexy robot. Your new atacking skill: Flame launcher is pretty nice.

From what i know you can hold it down and release i think. At level 20 it hits 6 monsters, 75% dmg and for 8 seconds does DoT. Requires at least 10 gatling gun. Gatling gun is a cool skill which is a gun that gatles. Max level is 15 and it hits  70% dmg 4 times. This will be your main attacking/fighting skill. You can max all your skills in 1st job due to 5 sp when u advance to 1st. Oh and finally you get booster which requires 1 point in prototype.

2nd job skills

Mechanic mastery: Guess they ran out of creative symbols…50% mastery,20 attack, 60 accuracy at level 20.

Robot Punch!: Pfft falcon pawnch was so 3 years ago…fire your fist to temporarily stun an enemy and do damage.

When maxed, hits 6 monsters 420 damage, 20% more critical and 3 second stun!

Now i forgot to mention this but mechanics have a Load of summons that attack and support you. The first summon you will get is Healing robot-H-LX.

At max it heals 25% hp over 50 seconds and something with dmg.  You’ll get a ton of more summons in 3rd job too.

Perfect Armor. Obviously as the name states, Metal armor 30% and a chance for 500% dmg reflection. Really useful. Requires 10 prototype which you should have maxed since you get 65 sp in 1st job and you cant go to 2nd job without maxing all skills. It is not a party buff obviously.

Open Gate-Gx-9: Gx-9, huh? That sounds mighty familiar……Well Basically…Install a gate and open it. You can install up to 2 gates. If the gate is too far it won’t work. Pretty simple right? Kind of like priest’s mystic door. however the actual gate kinda creeps me out for some reason

The last skill: Drill rush, at max hits 8 monsters 400% damage.

There are also equips for the robot of course! They are engine, machine arm, machine leg, body frame, and transistor. The copper equips are lvl50, the bronze ones are lv70, iron are 85, gold are 100, and pure are 120. Here are some videos of mechanic!

That’s all i have for now! cyaz!


Big bang! the new maple! 1.2.102…….wtf….lol. All classes got buffed! and maps changed around alot and  monsters got buffed too. Exp required to level changed. KPQ is now lv20-200, LPQ is now 30-200, OPQ is now 50-200.

As you can see i can do KPQ and go through all the pqs via the dimensional mirror! Pretty handy huh? Tons of new monsters were also released with the patch. Mushmom is now level 15. Mushmom, Blue mushmom, and zombie mushmom are now all low leveled and spawn near henesys. When i first logged in a lightbulb was above me! For one-time only the maple adminstrator will let you teleport to a specific town to train there appropriate to your level.

Orbis is now lv36-54, el nath is now 43-55, and ludibrium is 44-65. I explored some and the brown teddies whom were once noob and lv30/31 are now lv45ish 😦 and the normal robos spawn 2 maps under ludi and are level 61. Everyone’s damage was boosted by a ton. My damage range used to be 3xx-691 but it’s now 6xx-967. replace x with random numbers. All characters also get boosted hp when they level now. For example my level 15 gunslinger to be has 500+ hp. Also new skills were added and some were changed. For example here are some changes: Dark sight is now lv10 max, slash storm hits 170% at lv5, warriors have a “Weapon” mastery instead of blunt weapon mastery or sword mastery and a weapon final attack/booster now. Warriors also have ground smash. Disorder and nimble body are like 10 or 15 max now. Dualer’s new skill shadow resistance replaced endure. Spell mastery was added for mages. Your weapon attack goes up while on battleship.

Weapon mastery. Also it’s probably a glitch but you must max all your 1st job skills to put in 2nd/3rd/4th job skills for some reason when using sp reset. Everyone got a sp reset scroll. It resets all your sp in skills.

Also, as you noticed the UI changed! And you can change the resolution anytime you want! The Potion and use item prices also changed drastically. Not only that, but it is now super easy to get potions anytime. I got 208 blue pots from killing monsters that were in my way. Monsters may now drop bundles of pots. meaning it may look like it dropped 1 blue potion but when you loot it will say “You have obtained 2-5 Blue potions”

Red pots are now 4 mesos. Orange are 45.  White=91 mesos, blue=20, mana elixers=196. Unagis are like 700ish. windowed mode was also added.

The resistance

The resistance are a new branch job of 2 classes: Battlemage( a close combat magic using job), and Wild Hunter(A ranged crossbowman with a handy jaguar companion). BMs can only use staves and they have staff mastery and staff booster. While most of spadow’s posts are based on his wild hunter, mine are more biased on battlemages. Which i think are cooler. Now first off, the resistance have 3 beginner skills basically the normal skills just with different names and animations. Crystal throw can get a crystal mined from mines and you throw it at an enemy.

Infiltrate: Dark sight+Nimble feet pretty much. When maxed you can up your speed by 15 and hide for 30 seconds.

Efficiency: Basically what this does is heals you for a certain amount.

A battlemage advances at levels 10,30,70,120 like adventurers and aran. As i said before they use staves. They will be also particularly useful in parties and boss runs because of their auras which buff the party. 1st job they get 4 skills: Triple blow,teleport, finish attack, dark aura. Triple blow lashes at the enemy and hits the enemy 3 times when maxed. It can mob up to 6 monsters. Mastery level is 20 and when maxed it hits 60% damage. Finish attack sends a sawtooth wheel hurdling towards the enemy. Hits up to 6 enemies and when maxed basic damage is 30. mastery level is 10, attack depends on the move used last. 😛

Yes,yes and you all know what teleport does…It obviously teleports…Dark aura is the first aura skill you get. It increase attack by summoning dark aura from a evil spirit. Uses 30 mp and when maxed increases damage by 10%. In 2nd job you receive 2 more auras and 2 new main attacking skills. So tune in next time for 2nd and 3rd job skills!

Credits to insoya, nessy, aristo, and all of ellin fer ther support.

Skills changed and skills found

Hello, as most of you know in the past few weeks i’ve been trying to gather info on dualer job. I found some stats for the skills and stuff and some more info. Dualer’s skill are here! As i said before they use a new type of weapons called blades!        Those are the blades. i assume the first from top is the lvl 10 one and the first from bottom is lvl 20 one. The purple one is probably timeless/reverse one and the reddish-white-ish one is probably maple blade. These new weapons look pretty sick, man. Gonna make one when it comes out. As you can see in the header i wrote a message thing saying that dualers are coming out feb. 25. Also there is 2x exp all week!  Calender on the site saying when: As you can see on the saturadays: 6,13, and 20th there is 2x exp from 1:00 to 6:00 and for most of this week there is 2x exp at 11:00 AM to 4:00 PM. I only was able to get some 4th job and some 5th job skills :(.   So for the first few lvls its a normal rogue life then at lvl 30 u can advance to dualer. the 4th job skills i found(NOTE: their 4th job is at lvl 55 i think) :

Flash attack: Master Level: 20,  mobbing skill

Level 1: uses 15 MP,  45% damage, hits 3 monsters

Level 2: Uses 15 MP, 50%damage, hits 3 monsters

Level 3: Uses 15 mp, 55% Damage, hits 3 mosnters

Level 4: Uses 15 mp, 60% damage, hits 3 monsters

Level 5: Uses 15 mp, 65% damage, hits 3 monsters

Level 6: Uses 19 mp, 70% damage, hits 4 monsters

Level 7: Uses 19 mp, 75% damage, hits 4 monsters

Level 8: Uses 19 mp, 80% damage, hits 4 monsters

Level 9: Uses 19 mp, 85% damage, hits 4 monsters

Level 10: Uses 19 mp, 90% damage, hits 4 monsters

Level 11: Uses 23 mp, 95% damage, hits 5 monsters

Level 12: Uses 23 mp, 100% damage, hits 5 monsters

Level 13: Uses 23 mp, 110% damage, hits 5 monsters

Level 14: Uses 23 mp, 120% damage, hits 5 monsters

Level 15: Uses 23 mp, 125% damage, hits 5 monsters

Level 16: Uses 27 mp, 130% damage, hits 6 monsters

Level 17: Uses 27 mp, 135% damage, hits 6 monsters

Level 18: Uses 27 mp, 140% damage, hits 6 monsters

Level 19: Uses 27 mp, 145% damage, hits 6 monsters

Level 20: Uses 27 mp, 150% damage, hits 6 monsters


Dash Jump: Master level: 20, Mobility skill, kinda like flash jump.

Level 1: Uses 60 MP

Level 2: Uses 57 MP

Level 3: Uses 54 MP

Level 4: Uses 51 MP

Level 5: Uses 48 MP

Level 6: Uses 45 MP

Level 7: Uses 42 MP

Level 8: Uses 39 MP

Level 9: Uses 36 MP

Level 10: Uses 33 MP

Level 11: Uses 31 MP

Level 12: Uses 29 MP

Level 13: Uses 27 MP

Level 14: Uses 25 MP

Level 15: Uses 23 MP

Level 16: Uses 21 MP

Level 17: Uses 19 MP

Level 18: Uses 17 MP

Level 19: Uses 15 MP

Level 20: Uses 13 MP


Bloody storm: Master Level: 30, Attacks with a fury of blade attacks.dualbladeskill5bloodystorm

Level 1: Uses 15 MP, 40% dmg

Level 2: Uses 15 MP, 44% dmg

Level 3: Uses 15 MP, 48% dmg

Level 4: Uses 15 MP, 52% dmg

Level 5: Uses 15 MP, 56% dmg

Level 6: Uses 15 MP, 60% dmg

Level 7: Uses 15 MP, 64% dmg

Level 8: Uses 15 MP, 68% dmg

Level 9: Uses 15 MP, 72% dmg

Level 10: Uses 15 MP, 74% dmg

Level 11: Uses 16 MP, 76% dmg

Level 12: Uses 16 MP, 78% dmg

Level 13: Uses 16 MP, 80% dmg

Level 14: Uses 16 MP, 82% dmg

Level 15: Uses 16 MP, 84% dmg

Level 16: Uses 16 MP, 86% dmg

Level 17: Uses 16 MP, 88% dmg

Level 18: Uses 16 MP, 90% dmg

Level 19: Uses 16 MP, 92% dmg

Level 20: Uses 16 MP, 94% dmg


Sudden Death: Summons a mighty stone owl on the monster. Master Level:20.dualbladeskill4suddendeath

Level 1: Uses 22 MP, 82% damage, Range 90%

Level 2: Uses 24 MP, 84% damage, Range 90%

Level 3: Uses 26 MP, 86% damage, Range 90%

Level 4: Uses 28 MP, 88% damage, Range 95%

Level 5: Uses 30 MP, 90% damage, Range 95%

Level 6: Uses 32 MP, 92% damage, Range 95%

Level 7: Uses 34 MP, 94% damage, Range 95%

Level 8: Uses 36 MP, 96% damage, Range 100%

Level 9: Uses 38 MP, 98% damage, Range 100%

Level 10: Uses 40 MP, 100% damage, Range 100%

Level 11: Uses 42 MP, 102% damage, Range 100%

Level 12: Uses 44 MP, 104% damage, Range 100%

Level 13: Uses 46 MP, 106% damage, Range 100%

Level 14: Uses 48 MP, 108% damage, Range 110%

Level 15: Uses 50 MP, 110% damage, Range 110%

Level 16: Uses 52 MP, 112% damage, Range 110%

Level 17: Uses 54 MP, 114% damage, Range 115%

Level 18: Uses 56 MP, 116% damage, Range 115%

Level 19: Uses 58 MP, 118% damage, Range 115%

Level 20: Uses 60 MP, 120% damage, Range 120%

_____________________________________________________________________________________________  ~pics were from maple-new.com